The Editorial and publicity CDS in Minna which I belong to organized a hill hike for it members. The hill selected is the maitumbi hill that is situated at maitumbi. We all converged in front of the maitumbi corper’s lodge before we proceeded to the hill but before that I cushioned my tummy with bread and akara. I cannot come and go and faint mid hike.

Me after eating

We began the climb around 8 or thereabout and got to the point we will stop at 9:30. Everybody took a seat on the hill immediately, people like me literally slept on the rock.

Someone like Tope yanked off her wig.

We played games – scrabble, whot, ludo – for a while before Utsu, my cds member, suggested a truth or dare game. Now before I continue my narrative let me talk about Utsu. Utsu is a girl from my CDS whom I have always admired for the following reasons. One, she’s cool, I like cool people. Two, she has a beautiful chocolate skin that hasn’t been tampered with. Side eyes to bleached out folks. Three, she’s got a great future looking at her from behind. If you know what I mean do your hand like this 🙋. So, we played the truth or dare game and had a really good time. I partook thrice, please don’t ask me what I did.

Nothing, nada, zilch

When we finished with the game. We carried our government bodies and bags and went down the hill and that was the end. Now the hike has come and gone but the experience got me thinking about how the simple event that took place yesterday has some few resemblances to life.

– GETTING TO YOUR GOAL IN LIFE IS NEVER EASY: When we began the climb, I and others began to sweat profusely at a point, legs ache, the boot hurt my toes but we kept moving. My chest kept beating kpom kpom kpom like the drums at a village square but still I kept moving. This is how it is when you set a goal for yourself. It will get to a point where everything will be hard and stay at a standstill, at times the path even gets covered with thorns as we experienced yesterday but when you ignore all that and you keep moving with the thought that you will soon get there. Trust me you will!

– ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE: This is actually true. I used to hear this saying and yawn because sand turning into milo is capital IMPOSSIBLE but guys anything is possible. When we were at the heel of the hill. Lol heel of the hill. My cousin expressed doubts about his ability to climb it. I urged him on and encouraged him, reminding him that his jungle boot will aid him in having a good grip on the hill. Thankfully he listened to me and even left me far behind at a point. That’s the spirit people, anything is possible. Never tell yourself no before people do. The fact that someone looks unapprocahable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to speak to them. Just because you think a job seems to good for you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. Just because some people are better than you at something doesn’t mean you should hide your face and not try the little you can because anything is possible once you put your mind to it!


– THE COMPANY YOU KEEP MATTERS: When you make friends or acquaintances with the wrong people you get discouraged and drawn back. But with strong willed people you find yourself working towards something that is mutually beneficial. Yesterday everyone was his or her brother’s keeper. People pull each other up, comfort each other when the climb gets too tough, prevent people from falling, cheer and make encouraging comments ‘we are almost there don’t worry.’ So once again the company you keep has a serious influence on you as a person.

Friends got your back when you fall

– SHUTTING YOURSELF FROM THE WORLD DO YOU NO GOOD: Remember people often say traveling increases your knowledge? Same goes with some outings too. I initially didn’t want to go for the hike because I thought why should I when I have been there before but somehow I found myself preparing. And I totally give my self thumbs up for doing so. Yesterday I saw another side to people. Majority are people I see and greet casually with my nose. It was refreshing to see people without the restrictions of khaki. Everybody was relaxed and friendly towards one another.

From left to right, Kanzah, Tolu, (behind me) Tope, Hussein and Abdul (front)

– WHATEVER GOES UP COMES DOWN: The typical law of gravity. We went up the hill and eventually came down the hill. However coming down the hill was easier than climbing up the hill. In life when people begin to climb the ladder of success some develop unecessary attitude, increase their shoulder pads, become too pompous for their own good not knowing they can find themselves tumbling down from the ladder at any point. This is why we should look down on nobody and always treat everybody with respect because you never know who can hold your back when the climbing gets tough. Or who would pull you and steady you on your feet when you are about to fall.

Beautiful Maitumbi hill.

So that’s that about the hike folks. I hope you guys enjoyed my recap. Perhaps when I don blow in future I go carry una Kanzahsaysfam go hiking? Or nah vacation in Obudu una go prefer?

Long live NYSC! Long live EDITORIAL AND PUBLICITY CDS MINNA!! God blessings to everybody that made the hiking awesome.


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