On a beautiful black and ethereal night
I wandered out of my home
Search for a knowledge that I could not satisfy
The answers lie not in the few stars that dot the sky
The moon stares down at me,
Unhelping,solitary in it own struggles
Just like I am,a loner in the journey of life
I crossed the fields and dragged my feet towards the barren road
Quiet, dark and ominious!
I wasn’t scared,questions tugging at my chest wouldn’t
Let the fear of the unknown creep into my heart
Once or twice,I thought I saw shadows move
I turned right when I got to the crossroad
One two three…ten paces
I encountered two lovers
Enjoying the warmth the black
blanket of the night provides,
They were rudely interrupted by the cold stare of a car headlight,
Face downcast,raised hopes that fell with the stones I kicked
With my feet,ignoring a moment I would want to live in
One,two,three…fifth step
And I stood in the middle of a deserted road
Nothing has meaning,life has no meaning
You only create meanings out of how you see it…

: Abdulazeez Kaothar