About me

IMG_20151220_163338Hello! I am Abdulazeez Kaothar,a Nigerian,i love books,music,gists,writing.i love having fun,meeting people and traveling even though I can not do that as much as i would love to,Cats are dear to me! I am a mixture of awkward and cool,and OMG i am a huge Harrypotter fan, I have a huge crush on Zayn Malik,anything edible is BAE(Before Anything Else). I can do the salsa,tango,chachacha all in my dreams,i sing beautifully in the shower. Did i mention the fact that i am a girl? yeah i am but not much of the gurly gurly type,i care less about makeup and looking pretty but i love to look pretty. I was at the Grammys but mum woke me up when i was about to be called on stage. So,nice meeting me right? right?