Who said only ladies need accessories? Looking good shouldn’t be for ladies alone right? It is often said that real men don’t really care about details like matching their outfits, some would even say a man needs less time when dressing up. Well do you know men also have accessories that adds more pop to their dressing?
Checkout how these accessories and how they are incorporated into male clothing. #winks

BELTS: The importance of belts for men can not be overemphasized, it is often needed to make the trouser look smarter or to pull up a trouser that is falling. But do you know a good leather belt can do wonders to your outfit? Investing in one would not hurt would it? Besides you don’t have to break the bank for one right?



SUSPENDERS: Classic men use suspenders, ask Jidenna, but in as much as they make you look more matured and sophisticated it can give you a disorganized immature look when you pair it with a belt, yes, you should never wear a suspender with a belt, it is either the belt minus the suspender or the suspender minus the belt.




TIES: People often make the mistake of thinking ties are only needed when you need to go for business meetings or seminars, there is this corporate idea attached to people who buy ties but the thing is, you don’t need to work in an office before you own a tie, trust me a good tie can save you when you least expect it, ties should not be found wanting in your wardrobe.



SOCKS: This sounds funny but nice clean socks says a lot about you as a man, socks with holes are not just it, socks also make shoes look smarter.




CUFFLINKS: They are tiny jewelries that add class to a corporate look, replace boring buttons with cufflinks and see the difference.


CAPS: Caps are often seen as fashion items used to hide balding head or scabies, but that is so not true anymore, cool hats and Popeyes are now the rave of the moment, fezcaps are not the only caps you need to wear to look swanky.



What else would you use to spice up your look? Let me know.

Photo sources:Google and Instagram