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    Love me some accessories please, accessories glam up your look and turn your simple outfit into a chic fashionista wear. Accessories are the midas touch of fashion it turns every outfit into gold.
    Accessories can come to the rescue when you feel under dressed at an event. Funny enough the best accessories are mostly fashion items we comfortably overlook most times, here are some accessories you should try incorporating into your outfits soon

    BELTS: They are fabulous when it comes to outfits, they add colour to a boring get on and make you look sophisticated and not too dressy, you can clasp it around a kimono or cardigan.



    SCARFS: Not only Muslim girls wear scarfs, not only Muslim girls need scarfs, scarfs are awesome accessories with multiple uses, you can twist it around your wrist and turn it into a bracelet, around your skirt or trouser as a belt, around your neck to keep you warm or to make a subtle Fashion statement, or just drape it across your shoulders, you can even cinch it around the waist with a belt to make it look more exquisite, or you can use it to tie your bun. Just like Miranda Priestley had many uses for her Hermes white scarfs, so can you.




    SUNGLASSES: Oh my! Sunglasses are H. O. T, they make you look mysterious and super cool, there is this respect that comes with bespectacled people, we all consider them intelligent, yes we do. Sunglasses that suit your face makes you look mature and sure of whom you are, and what do we all strive to exude if not confidence?



    WRISTWATCHES: These beautiful pieces are not meant for guys alone, I realized most girls think wristwatches are a guy thing, no! Some classy ladies love wristwatches too, you can tell a stranger whom you are by your wristwatch, I am not kidding! Just imagine a classy timepiece flashing on your hand as you interact and gesticulate with your hands, it speaks CLASS.


    SHOES: #gasps! I read it somewhere that when life gives you lemons, you sell it and buy some shoes, most fashion interviews have read has the interviewee declaring undying love for shoes, it is so true! Do you know why Victoria Beckham manages to look effortlessly chic most times? Imagine someone wearing a white tee and black trouser and still looking POSH, It is their shoes, I don’t know how true the saying about people staring at your feet first when they meet you is, but you can never go wrong with a good pair of shoes.



    NECKPIECES: Confession, I can die for a beautiful neck piece, literally, ok, am not kidding but neck pieces are fantastic! Imagine having to wear a LBD, yeah little black dress or Long black dress as the case may be, dp you know how awesome that could turn out with a colorful neck piece? I am not kidding, Dj Cuppy is always turning out in fabulous neck pieces I wish I could grab off her pretty neck. I am swooning right now.



    BAGS: I love bags, I love looking at bags, I love touching bags, I love carrying bags, hahaha you can’t go wrong with a beautiful bag, not just a bag, a classic bag that makes you feel #clearsthroat important.


    What other accessories do you use to glam up your outfit? #xoxo


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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

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