Sex, is the most talked about topic because humans are naturally sexual beings, humans love sex a lot even though they shy away from sex related discussion even when it is related to their health!
This brings us to the issue of Aphrodisiacs that is now becoming more popular by the day among younger generation. An Aphrodisiac is any food, drink or drug that makes you want to have sex. The word “Aphrodisiac” is gotten from the Greek word *Aphrodisios* which pertains to Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love.
Due to men’s bravado and effort to show they are the “stronger” they tend to measure their worth as men through bedroom activities, men measure their ability to last long and please their women with what is seen on TV and pornographic videos. This has led many to fall prey to harmful substances being concorted together and passed off as Aphrodisiacs.
Aphrodisiacs are not uncommon in Nigeria, in fact they are very popular most especially in the north where it is called Burantashi meaning Penis get up, Kawaita which are concoctions prepared for women mostly bride during their weddings to have a blissful sexual life with their husbands. Among the Yorubas as well, there is the “Ale” which means go strong to stiffen the make organ and make the man last longer in bed. But little did we know that there is more to such concoctions than meet the eye. People have gone from using this drugs alone to mixing it with other drugs or alcohol for better results!!! Viagra a very popular Aphrodisiac get mixed with other local ones which many men take with glee. A video on Instagram went viral few months back when a lady was advertising some aphrodisiacs and it magical powers.
This is detrimental to human health and cause cause serious illnesses and diseases which are:
HEART ATTACK: A person that has a malfunctioning cardiac history is at the risk of getting his cardiac problem worsened or an heart attack if this drugs are used on daily basis. It damages the kidney as well and can lead to both heart and kidney problems if care is not taken.
ABNORMAL BODY ORGANS – prolonged use can lead to abnormal body structures like shrunken penis or bigger breasts in men. Irregular menstrual cycle and abnormal breast which may be shrinking or seriously drooping in women. It can make young adults or adolescent boys develop an aggressive sexual appetite or bigger organs or erected penis which may not become flaccid on time.
ADDICTION: Some people become so addicted that they can’t have sex without using this drugs, this has led to more problems as it would further continue to destroy you while you use it.
Most people tend to overdose on local aphrodisiacs as they believe the larger quantity you take the better.
It also leads to a blurry vision, and it side effects are headache, nausea, upset stomach, flushing, dizziness and nasal blockage.
I do not campaign for the Western aphrodisiacs which come in form of capsules and tablets, I am only shedding the little light I can on the locally made ones. Stay healthy.


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