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Read Diary of a psycho girlfriend IV
I saw white expanse and I thought of happy days and beautiful green fields, my head was reeling, it is so amazing how emotions can change within seconds, or maybe my head is playing tricks with me.
I was face to face with the definition of “dashing” well set jaw, chocolate-skinned, nice set of teeth, good looking, dreamy eyes and from the look of things, nice height…. I couldn’t make sense of all he was trying to say still, the noise is too much, but I pretended like I could hear him and I was nodding along to all he was saying, he was gesticulating wildly and I was nodding furiously as well trying to read his lips, geeez,those lips…..
He was still talking when his stupid friend came from wherever he had been to tell him something, they talked for more than a minute before he rose and followed his friend, touche! I hate that stupid friend of his already.
I couldn’t concentrate anymore and I kept turning to the back to check if he was back or not, he was nowhere to be found till the show ended, I started feeling irritated again for no reason and I snapped at my roommate when she screamed something into my ears,poor girl she was shocked but quickly recovered, she turned to the other side and started taking selfies with a bunch of girls I don’t talk to!
I was hurting, seeing that guy and watching him speak seemed like the balm for the ache in my heart, geeeez! Am I supposed to be this fascinated by a total stranger, for God’s sake i am still Jhay’s girlfriend, until he calls me tomorrow to break things up, yeah break things up and not fix things up, I think am way too full of life to be tied down to someone as boring as Jhay, duh he has a job already blah blah blah, he used to be my definition of perfect when I was still a stupid girl, now I think am wiser, even the way he drawls his word seem childish now… God why am I seeing all these flaws now?
The stupid show ended with a stupid song from one of the stupid wannabe musicians in school, with his stupid stage name ‘Yung Fezzy’, my roommate has left me to go take selfies with Olamide, to hell with them all, rubbish people, I beckoned at her when I got tired of sitting and she gave me a ‘fuck you’ stare instead, our friends were no where to be found, now I have to find my way back to the hostel, my stupid roommate is still giggling and smiling, Idiot go and carry belle, ode oshi, I can’t help cussing her, I stood up eventually from the pavilion and joined a groupie leaving the stadium as well, they were busy talking about how Vector threw his shirt at the audience, and trash talking the boy that caught it, idiots…. We had almost gotten to the stadium gate when I heard ‘hey there!’ everybody in the group turned and waited, each asking “me?” I hissed and continued walking bumping into one of them, until I heard ‘hey Black widow’!!! I still wouldn’t turn, all those stupid hundred level student that wouldn’t respect a final year student, rubbish, I was at the gate already held up with the huge crowd waiting to get out when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I had no choice this time around, with my mouth ready to spill out insults and face contorted with anger, I turned and lo! It was all white!



I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

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