Read Diary of a psycho girlfriend V

Mr white was the one calling me a black widow, I am supposed to be really really annoyed but I found myself almost smiling, my inner Thatcher knocked some sense into me at that moment and I frowned instead, I stopped and waited for him to get to where I was, students who were eager to get back to their hostels were already cramming me against one another, one stupid boy was even rubbing his junk against me, nonsense!!

He took his time and strolled confidently towards me, I took in his appearance and tried to do an X-ray of him, I couldn’t, my stupid brain refused to process, it seems to be telling me ‘error 404 not found’. This is madness, what could be so mesmerizing about a regular guy wearing an all white attire like the Eyo masquerades in Lagos, there is nothing out of this world to his appearance, so I wonder what is really happening to me, this is voodoo, this is real voodoo…

He smiled the moment he got close to me, oh my he has a beautiful set of teeth as well, even in the dark they were like stars lighting up a cold dark night.. Hmmm I never knew I was this poetic. Ehhehehe

He introduced himself and gave his name as Farhan, 500level Law student, stays in Napoleon Hostel, blah blah blah, I also pretended to be cool, calm and collected and I started speaking my posh form of English, hahaha it was fun, I kept flipping my weaves to the sides like ‘duh, am so Tush, so classy’

Zzzzzzz, we exchanged numbers and he saw me off to the hostel, I had a nice time chatting with him and I nearly flung my arms around his neck when we got the common room, the Ape-looking skinny Porter (I swear she looks like an ape) was on duty that night, she was too engrossed with the Telemundo she was watching that she wouldn’t have noticed if he had followed me into my room. He left with the promise to call me the next day, I walked into my room feeling like a little girl who had just been given a truckload of candies.. Hahaha this feels good.

I was humming to myself till I got to my room, I opened the door and what do I see? My roommate was sitting on her bed with Natasha and Farida flanking her on both sides, she glared at me when she saw me, that stupid girl. I was removing my clothes when Farida came to tap me.

‘Hey I was told you were flirting with my brother’



I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

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