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Read Diary of a psycho girlfriend X

Dear Diary,

Even though I had vowed never ever to get involved in any act of crime, I was treated like a criminal when the security caught Farhan and I, according to them we were violating the school rules on decency, I was mortified and I kept repeating “sir we were just hugging!” the man almost slapped me at a point. He pushed us into the bus and drove us to the security division. It was when he wanted to collect our ID cards as well that I couldn’t take it anymore, he forcefully snatched it from my hands and cut my tag, he then proceeded to collect Farhan’s own, calmly without a fight, Farhan gave it to him. I was annoyed! So much for being a law student.

He started filling our name into the offenders list or what not, he asked who Lanre Coker-Badmus was and I shrugged, he asked if I was the daughter of Major Coker-Badmus, I turned towards the wall instead and pretended not to hear him. I know how powerful my surname could be, that won’t be the first time I would be getting such reaction. He faced Farhan and asked if his Balarabe was the one of Kaduna? The Balarabe that owns Balarabe and sons construction company, Farhan replied in the affirmative and the man dropped the pen he was holding and broke into a sheepish smile exposing his kolanut stained teeth, I looked every where except his face, it was irritating, the crisscross of tribal marks across his face made it seem as though he was scratched by an angry woman robbed off her pot of meat, the room itself is dingy and reeked of sweat, tobacco, cheap beer and the burukutu local alcohol mixture the gateman chugs down in our house.

He started cracking dry jokes and the Walnut he kept on the dirty table painted with all sorts of ink, he then asked Farhan if he has anything for him, he returned our ID cards as he said this, and smiled his dirty disgusting smile again, Farhan smiled and ask him to come and talk outside, when we were outside, Farhan pretended like he was looking for money in his pocket, he let out an alarm and said there was no cash on him, then he asked him to follow us to the ATM spot, he agreed immediately and called out to those inside that he would be back soon, I walked behind them and jammed my hands into my hoodie, it was so cold outside and the man wore only a jersey. Smh

When we got to the ATM spot, Farhan started to ask the man what he wanted again, he asked why he wants to collect money from him and his friend, the man foolishly replied he wants to have a taste of Balarabe’s money, he asked for the man’s name again and the man answered and even mentioned his surname as he smiled stupidly and threw glances at me from time to time. Farhan withdrew 5000naira and before giving it to the man brought out his phone and played an audio, he had totally roped the poor man, the man was jabbering away about how he wants to “chop” Balarabe’s money, I bursted into laugher, the man was so busted, he started bragging and threatening to deal with us, then Farhan reminded him of who my dad was, how they would bundle him straight to the barracks and beat his life inside out.. Hahahahhaa

Farhan is a Savage! Even though he looks so…. Alluring, we were still having fun with the miserable old man when my phone vibrated, the caller ID showed +173690****, I picked it up wondering who it might be, it is definitely not Toke my cousin that lives in London, the familiar sexy drawl hit my ears the moment I said hello, I froze and stared wide eyed at Farhan who was still laughing, it was Jhay!!!



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