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Dear Diary!

I am totally having the time of my life with Farida, truth is Farida is not as evil as I thought she was, eheheheh she told me she pretends she hates me because I refused to talk to her and Natasha, ehehehehe Natasha said she envies my height and body, ehehehehe my head was just bigging and bigging ehehehe.

With Farida and Natasha’s company, I didn’t miss my roommate one bit, I had my room all to myself but Farida’s room became my second home, I practically moved in, I only go to my room to pick clothes or other stuff before going back to Farida’s room.

My almost boring life became spiced up with Farida’s presence, and we try as much as possible not to bring up her brother whenever we talk, she got the clue the day she asked me to speak to him on phone and I pretended I was doing something else and he of course told her not to bother and he hung up. Eh!

I saw life outside the four walls of my boring school environment, I stopped living a triangle life, I got to use the excess money I have left after buying only provisions and foodstuff to shop every weekend! I never knew there were cool stores around, bye bye to online shopping!

Despite all the fun and thrills that came with being Farida’s friend, I so much hate the company of her boyfriend Fola Scott, that guy irritates the shit out of me, he doesn’t even know how to talk, he lacks common etiquettes, khai it is true when they say love is blind, I guess Farida is just repeating history, her dad is the complete opposite of her mum, I had to feign indifference when I saw their family photo.

I never knew Farida was a brainy o, she reads late at night, around 2am to 5am at times 12am till 4am, she has a mini jotter she reads first thing in the morning when she wakes up as well, jeeeez I will never ever judge people from afar anymore. My test scores improved a bit, I hope I can keep this up till exam period, Farida is such an amazing influence o and she gave me a nickname sef ‘Larai’ instead of my very masculine Lanre.

All was well with the two of us until she invited me to a birthday party, trust me I am the type to let my hair down after a very stressful test week, we got dressed, I was wearing my Little black dress with gold pumps, gold hoop earrings with my hair packed in a ponytail, Farida wore a red wrap dress with nude stilettos, silver studs. Her hair was not packed and she had her wavy tresses parted at the side, she needs no weavon, thanks to her amazing Lebanese mama. Natasha wore a red trouser with a loose top that has black and white stripes, black pumps.

We left in Fola’s car and got to the venue of the party around 10pm, Farida stayed back in Fola’s car and Natasha and I made ourselves comfy on a couch while we watch people digging it out on the dance floor, I was offered some drinks but I refused, I don’t want to wake up with an hangover plus I am trying to stay away from alcohol, it is almost six months since I tasted alcohol. The music died down at a point and the celebrant was invited to say hi and hello to everyone, I saw a very beautiful girl elegantly dressed strut towards the gigantic cake conspicuously displayed on a beautiful cake stand, she daintily dug her forefinger into the cake and licked the cake cream she scooped, woooow, I must have been staring so hard that Natasha was forced to nudge me, whispering into my ears and asking if I have never heard of Aminah Bello, the most beautiful girl in the whole school? She added maliciously that even Farida bows to her, I raised my brows and continued staring nodding my head as Aminah speaks, woooow she has a beautiful voice, the girl is perfect, figure 8, Alexander Wang floor length gown even her makeup was on fleek she finished saying all she had to say and her boyfriend was invited to cut the cake with her, lo and behold! It was ehehhe Farhan!!! I didn’t know when I gobbled down glass after glass of whatever it was that was being served, my eyes became itchy, I made my way towards the bar and refilled my glass, I finished it before I got to where Natasha was, Natasha looked surprised but said nothing, I didn’t hear the rest of what was being said until I heard cheering and shouts of “say yes say yes” I turned and saw Farhan on one knee proposing to Aminah!

I screamed and laughed out loudly, drowning the voices of everyone cheering them on, Farhan and Aminah stared towards my direction but Natasha made me duck under the tables, she raised my head after My woman, My everything by Patoraking was being played while Farhan and Aminah shared a deep deep kiss.



I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.


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