Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak ~Rachel Zoe

Everybody has a style, some just don’t care enough to discover their own personal style.

Over the years, I have read various fashion interviews and this question is always constant “what is your personal style?” some of them would say Bohemian with a bit of this that and that, others would say minimalist, some would say chic, some would even mention comfort.

However, having a style helps our physical appearance and saves us the stress of buying clothes and accessories that do not fit. Many of us would pile up clothes for months or years simply because they do not fit or because they do not look as good as they did on our friend’s body.

To create a style is to carve a niche for yourself clotheswise, to save you the hassle of what to pick when you go shopping. It saves you money as well.
So how can you discover your own style? Well, I have sum up the following as the criteria needed when you are on a style journey, they are;

BODY: your body and it shape determines what will flatter you or won’t, if you are a pear shape, you can not look good in a cloth that befits an apple shape. You can make things easier by studying fashion icons that have similar body like you and voila! You are almost there

COLOURS: You need to know the colours that suit your skin tone and the one that doesn’t. When you wear a colour that doesn’t blend with your skin tone, it gives you an off look.

DECLUTTER YOUR WARDROBE: Remove excess clothes that are lying around, pieces you don’t need, items you don’t wear to make room for the ones you would really need.

INVEST IN TIMELESS ACCESSORIES: Do not buy accessories because they are in vogue, they would eventually go out of fashion isn’t it? Besides not everything in vogue would fit you, so it is often better to go for timeless pieces you won’t need to change as it goes out of fashion. You have saved yourself money and some time shopping for new items.

HAVE A TAILOR HANDY: Have a go to professional tailor on some clothing items that do not fit perfectly, clothes that do not fit have a way if downplaying all your efforts and making you look drab and untidy. When there is a tailor that meets all your clothing needs and tidy up the clothes, it fits you better and make you feel better in your own skin, sorry clothes.

BE YOURSELF: Let who you are speak for itself when you are dressing up, never dress up to gain people’s approval at your own detriment. It is your style not theirs and it is perfectly okay if they don’t understand your style.

CONFIDENCE: You need doses of this to pull off your own style, if you are the type that is into long flowing skirts and frills when everyone is dressed in pencil skirts and pant trousers your confidence is the only thing that won’t make you feel odd, but rather… Unique.


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