Just like every ism there are discrepancies and disagreements in feminism but the different ideologies of feminism still come together under one single umbrella which is pushing for the liberation of women, women empowerment and basically everything that makes life better for women. Lately there have been a huge shift from the independent woman doing things herself and not expecting from men to women actually demanding from men and still tagging this a feminist behaviour.

Let me explain, before it is believed that feminists are women who would go on dates with their male partners and split the bill equally or offer to pay for everything, that feminists have their own money and don’t demand for jack from men, that feminists would rather toil and work the way up with their own sweat and mental efforts than kneel and use their bodies. Now some radical feminists have actually opined that such behaviour aids men and patriarchy, that it benefits men and men do not deserve to profit or benefit from feminism. That men have suffered women for so long and women deserve to milk them of every coin they have to their name, that women who demand for money or feel entitled to a man’s money, or have sex with a man and collect money isn’t morally wrong as society once tagged that behaviour rather she is collecting payment for inconvenience, suffering and diminishing toxic masculine behaviour one dough at a time.

A recent example is TheSlumflower the founder of #Saggyboobsmatter who get offers of shopping and monetary gifts from men. Theslumflower believes as a woman your attention is worthy to be paid for. This is a woman who sees herself as a goddess who deserve to be worshipped thus she is treated as such and as we know goddesses in African mythology and every other mythology where goddess exists can not be worshipped or approached without gifts!

Some women joined this branch of radical feminism due to smug men who believe dating feminists actually relieve them of some financial burdens and make them enjoy premium boyfriend benefits without spending as much as they would on non-feminists. This behaviour by these types of men negates part of what feminism actually pushes for, which is the emancipation of women from men who profit of them and use women to meet their selfish needs.

So this is why we have women who have chosen to build castles from the rocks society throws at them,

‘women loves money? Yes we do and we will enrich ourselves with your money since that makes you feel too proud of yourself’

‘Well I get called a prostitute whenever you are looking for cheap marks to score in a fight so why won’t I wear that insult like a badge of honour instead?’

Women are collecting money after sex because most of the time sex with men is trash because most men seldom pay attention to women as they are often concerned with the need to just cum and be done. So women want to get paid for the pains of trash sex duh. They are collecting that money because if they give it free they will still be called hoes so why not bill you the man for it and know that at least they got paid? They are collecting money for nudes because when it leaks they will automatically turn to ashewo so why not collect advance damages payment?

Women are no longer shaken when called deregatory names and thinking you can shame a woman by saying she screwed her way to the top is a joke on you. They no longer care for as long as they are concerned anything that fetches you money without anyway getting harmed in the process is fine!

So dear men when a woman proclaims herself a feminist and still demands from you, don’t come at her as hypcritical. She is getting paid for her discomfort for who knows, maybe she never wanted to be with you.

Women what is your take on this? Should women

  • Milk and demand from men in order to weaken patriarchal behaviour


  • Women should not demand from men so as not to boost their ego.

I await your responses


  1. AvatarAnonymous

    Feminism to me is even separate from relationship. Relationship to me shld be what the two parties chose to make of it.. Feminism to me is just abt individuality of the female gender I.e the right to female child education and removal of professional barriers for female. Such that as long as u can aspire, gender won’t be a barrier..

    Nd that is independent of relationship. On this basis, I can marry a feminist. In fact I want my wife to be at the peak of whatever she’ll like to become. I want her to be respected because of her craft…but that doesn’t mean we’ll split the bills. Our relationship will be independent of that, it will be a free flow. Our activities will be directed by love, genuine friendship and appreciation of each other.

    Bringing feminism into relationship is toxic.. It’s makes relationship look like business. U sleep with me, you pay. For what? For love? Or shebi you’re a Feminist, let’s split the bill.. Nd all other deliberate splitting of responsibilities to attack the other person’s stand. It’s saddening to see where society is headed with this..

  2. AvatarChinenyenwa

    As a woman, feminist or no feminist I feel your man is entitled to you. He is meant to go out of his way for you even if you are independent. About collecting money after sex or being paid for sending nudes it depends on the kind of relationship that exist between us. If we both are not seriously emotionally involved and you know am having sex with you because of the money, guy! you have to pay your dues. You can’t shame a girl for asking for her entitlements.
    Am your mistress, please pay my money in full; the work am doing is not easy. You ask me out on a date and you expect me to pay ?


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