Hello, it is me I am Adele today but I will find someone better than you. Since this thing wouldn’t last in love but choose to hurt instead, let me perch here and set fire to every rain that falls down my face.

What does it feel like when you want something with someone you thought special but they never reciprocated? Or it was about to happen but there were circumstances that got in the way of you being together, say your parents have age long issues with his or her folks or rumour has it they have someone somewhere. What does it feel like?

Those nights when you toss and turn in your bed imagining things that’d never become a reality, the days when you drown yourself after rolling in the deep for long, when your friends shake their heads and wash their hands off you because you have become inconsolable and your sanity is faltering.

When you think you can’t get along in life because you have imagined doing great things together, when every beep and vibration reminds you of what could have been but never happened.

How do you get over something that never happened?