I… Visitor

I am the one who waits
In front of your door
Waiting to be let in,
Bouquet in a hand and pearls in the other,
The rains left me there, the sun came up and went down the hill,
I still stood, in front of your door
Not seating, not moving an inch
Perhaps you will swing the door open any minute,
You never did…
The bouquet withered,
The pearls?
I left them on your doorstep
And I went back, broken, dejected, rejected.

I am the one who is wanted,
The door is thrown wide open before I step on your porch,
I get welcomed with smiles everytime,
My knife is safely tucked in my back pocket,
The poison nestled in my backpack,
Your friends left, your family left,
All fell… Thanks to me,
I watch as you sob, perhaps you will find out I did,
You never did…
The knife is cold against my skin,
The poison blinks a brilliant red,
Smiling until my fangs become visible,
I came to sit beside you, your head rests against my shoulders,
And I strike!!!!!

:Abdulazeez kaothar