‘Dear XXX thank God for your soap that useless man began to pick my calls and he gave me 50k just like that.’

‘Aunty GHSOSKEN that man got me an iPhone Xs max and told me to come and collect some dollars to open my shop. That man was stingy before o thank God for your soap.”

While you all were fighting over who is Atikulated and who is Buharified some women are out there balling and living the baby girl life with a bar of soap and some chicken broth. I am sure some of you might have come across kayanmata or sexual sweetener either on your IG or Facebook, maybe you paid little mind to it maybe you didnt but plis dear that ad you overlooked because you didn’t take it serious is fast becoming a booming business in Nigeria. People, both buyers and sellers, allegedly are getting rich from the sale of this products. It first started getting marketed as a harmless aphrodisiac for married women and it was more common in the north but somehow it popularity found it way round the whole 36 states. Kayanmata is no longer what a bride uses, every sexually active young woman who desires more gifts and attention from any man she is sleeping with can use it.

Most often they are called natural herbs and leaves but kayanmata has now graduated from what is meant to make sex more appealing to what is used to court favour, attract men and tie them down. From waist beads to a whole chicken cooked in herbs to favour soaps. You name it.

Women have turned kayanmata vendors into gods while Kayanmata vendors keep smiling to the bank.

Juju no longer resides in unknown villages and under thatched roof. Juju has been modernized, repackaged and is being sold as harmless products made with natural ingredients and herbs found from the forest. I ask how does herbs and harmless leaves make men give you money just because they see you standing? What kind of leaves of luck make men sleep with you and start declaring everything they have inside their bank account? What kind of harmless medicine made a man who has been sleeping with you and can’t give you plenty money as you claimed promise you heaven and earth and dole out huge amount of money because kayanmata? Let’s separate the wheat from chaff, there is a difference when a man is pussy whipped and when he is obviously under a strong jazz. Also if it is herbs and leaves why are there so many rules and regulations to its use?

Bath it in the night
Use local sponge
Don’t bath during period

See instructions sounding like babalawo’s own. I could remember a woman who boarded a bus with me from Minna to Ilorin preaching against kayanmata use and how it is a risky business, she talked about a lady who just got married and used one of such products, her husband began to smash her left, right, everywhere, ontop of ceiling, inside ocean. She said brother man refused to go to work and was content sitting at home and smashing his ‘beauriful’ wife. She begged him, chided him but man refused and said he would rather work on her meow meow. When the woman almost turned to raw meat she told his family members what happened and the whole thing turned into a fracas because the family blamed her and said she tried to use juju on their son.

There was also another one about a woman who cooks whole chicken for women to eat, the chicken is meant to make men turn into robots. You may be saying chicken? How much is chicken? Apparently the chicken isn’t just chicken it is prepared with special herbs and the chicken eater must not crush or eat any of the chicken bones and she must eat the whole chicken. See punishment ontop man? How can somebody eat chicken without crushing the bones? What about waist beads that attract men once a woman wears them or the one that makes men carry all their destiny and place it in the woman’s hands?

Women have also inserted all sorts inside their vagina because of man, sat on different kinds of smelling incense because of man! Risked and gotten all kinds of infections, diseases and serious gynaecological issues because of kayanmata use.

So if kayanmata works how come most northern families are polygamous?Does that mean the kayanmata expire? Or what? So if it has expiry date why use it at all? Why not try normal regular vagina cleansing and grooming? So if a wife and side chick are both using kayanmata who owns the husband?

Ladies this is 2019, whatever juju you believe in is trash! Y’all are messing with demons, the cosmos, fate, jinns and swapping your good fortune by fire by force. The spiritual realm isn’t one to be tampered with so you all that are exchanging greater wealth for quick small cash gotten with favour perfume and soap should remember, the devil collects a whole child for giving you a goat.. When the product finish what else will you use?