This is an important discussion that concerns everybody. If you are not the one affected, you can help a friend or family who is affected by the issue we want to talk about. And it is nothing but the health of the organs that nestle below.

Smelly privates!!! The most embarrassing thing ever and yes it happens to guys too. Most private organs discussions often revolve around the woman, you’d see;

How to avoid a fishy smell down there
How to make your vagina smell like pineapples
How to properly wash the vagina
How to make the vagina happy

Guys smell too and it is also awful. Save whatever argument you have for the comment box because this is my own two kobo.

Guys!!! Your balls would smell if you neglect it, yes. This is due to the presence of bacteria around your balls which can be as a result of;

– LACK OF GOOD HYGIENE: Your privates will smell if you are the type that is comfortable living in dirt. There’s no way you won’t transfer that to the state of your underwear and how you take care of yourself down below. Imagine repeating one boxers for a whole week! Like what kinda normal person would do that? Don’t you itch? Don’t you feel funny? Don’t you feel the ooze when you remove your underwear to wee? Yuck!

Whose #mcm boxers is this?

Leaving the hair around your genitals unshaven or untrimmed can result into a smelly pweek. The Lord that purposely made hair grow around that side didn’t say you should braid it or turn into coils, he didn’t ask you to be rasta man down there. Heck, he didn’t ask you to let it pile up so you can cut it into fancy styles at the barbershop. What is wrong with you?!

Another hygiene issue often neglected is cleaning up after using the loo. Some people don’t bother to clean up after peeing, some don’t even have the patience to let it all out before they start zipping up their trousers and running out of the toilet. Who is chasing you? The pee that is coming out in slow motion, is it tired? Why can’t you patiently wait for the last drops of urine, wriggle your organ and clean up thoroughly before you run out of the toilet?

– UNHEALTHY SEX LIFE: If you change bed mates more than you change your undies without adequate protection. You’d definitely ooze like a broken sewage. Why? Sexually transmitted Infection is the reason why, those warts, pus, liquids that sprout and comes out of your private organs are not gifts from your body telling you well done for jumping around. That is a 911 from your body to you to get yourself to an hospital ASAP before you start smelling like rotten meat.

– WRONG UNDERWEAR: There is a reason why boxers are the most preferred type of underwear among the male folks and the reason is not far fetched, it make things sway easily, it doesn’t constrict it and when there is too much heat. A free cotton boxers won’t transfer the humidity to what is nestling below. Most guys don’t care about the types of boxers they wear, they think only girls ought to go through the hassle of getting matching bras, cotton pants to prevent infection and what not. Guess what? It applies to you too, a good cotton underwear goes a long way in saving you from having smelly testicles.

– PAYING LESS ATTENTION TO THE TESTICLES WHILE BATHING: Your testicles is a part of you because it is yours and yours alone. You should give it adequate attention and tender loving care while bathing. Gently but carefully wash it and make sure it is properly scrubbed, clean it up and dry it thoroughly before you wear your boxers. You can even go the extra mile by dabbing some sweet smelling powder around it. That hurts nobody.

Take proper care of your public regions guys! Don’t expect girls to be the ones spick and span every darn time. Being fresh down there is not restricted to just one gender, heck what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. You can’t expect a clean vagina when your balls reek like fermented locust beans!

Y’all will be screaming blue murder when bae says she can’t give you head and you’d start wondering whether she’s cheating. Bae aunt cheating bruh, you smell like a rat’s carcass and she probably don’t know how to tell cus she loves you too much to hurt your darn feelings.

Stop chorusing the lines passed down from generations to generations of smelly men which is ‘men don’t smell’ sung in baritone voices and ‘it is normal to wear boxers twice because we don’t secrete’ whispered in voices saturated with male egos.

Every guy is susceptible to smelly balls. Every guy should endeavour to take care of his private organs, every guy should pay special attention to his private organs. Please pity your girlfriends, fiancée and wives. No woman likes smelly balls. Thank you

Signed: A concerned female on behalf of every woman out there.


  1. AvatarVera

    Thank you for this! When someone complains they won’t listen. I remember how my ex used to reek then, he would never accept he smells. He can wear one boxers for a month, claiming their penis don’t secrete liquid. Eziii

  2. Avatarphilomena

    Loool. And foolish boys like that will expect the one innocent girl to give him a head like that.awesome job girl

  3. AvatarMr_Nonso

    Lol,nice write up.
    I’m a guy so let me biased small. For a guy to get that funny smell like girls, it’d take like wearing a brief for 2 days, but for girls it’d take 12hours. Argue with your pants e dakun

    1. AvatarTh3_paradox

      I agree with you….it takes a while before guys develop any smell….bt for ladies…it happens really fast

    2. KanzahKanzah Post author

      Mr Nonso ladies don’t smell, every vagina has it own peculiar odour and that doesn’t mean it smells. And like you said, a vagina also stinks when a lady repeats underwear or is nonchalant about hygiene. Thanks.


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