History does repeat itself
It could come in form of a life
A newly born baby
Replica of a long dead ancestor
It could be the reason
Why snakes would be man’s enemy forever
Vile serpent that sent us all out of Eden.

But Eve fed Adam the fruit,
Oh oh oh

No, Adam was gullible to have eaten the fruit
He wasn’t forced
Oh but he was seduced
And then their eyes became open

Oh, opened

Different kinds of opens
Some get opened and make you heave
Aaaaaaah, relief from bottled up emotions
Others get opened and you feel a sweet sharp pain
As smelly pus ooze out of a busted boil

There is another kind of open
The one that goes pop when broken
No, it is not a balloon
But just like a Balloon it can’t be sewn together again

But we are free to do what we like with our body, nobody blamed Adam
Stupid Eve, we have no open in our body, we open you Eves!

You can choose to open
Or be opened
But never let what made Eve an outcast repeat itself

And what is that?
What is it?

:Abdulazeez kaothar

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