How much do you have in your bank account? Let’s start with that. If there is an emergency payment for a very important thing you need to do, how much do you have in your piggy box to meet up with that emergency? What kind of spender are you?
Do you know saving is part of the 9 financial habits that can make you wealthy according to Forbes? To increase your net worth you either spend less or save more, most successful business men and women are very frugal with their spending, take Dangote for example, people say he stingy when it comes to spending money, I say he is frugal in the way he spends,he saves more than he spends.
Do you know the change you have lying around can be saved? Instead of buying mint chewing gums, biscuits or airtime when you don’t need it, you can get a piggy bank “and keep” the change inside, it sounds funny but believe me, you would be amazed at the result of such seemingly funny act at the end of say.. few months or year.
Do you know that great business idea you have in your head does not need a huge capital like you think?


You can start your business by saving, saving is a stepping stone to whatever you want to do entrepreneur wise, you don’t need to start writing to banks asking for loans when you can save up a little and start something by yourself. Saving helps you build your capital.
Do you know saving money gives you a succor during financial crisis? Take for example, the economic recession on Nigeria presently, someone who has money saved up has something soft to fall back on in this hard times, even though the financial crisis is affecting everyone, it wouldn’t be that harsh on the one who had learnt how to save.


Saving money make you feel fulfilled, you feel like you have a cause, it is less stressful and the thought that you have money stashed somewhere which you are not touching would make you happy.
Money runs the world, but you can run money instead by SAVING.


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