Music soothes the soul, it calms you down, it can even make you high when you feel low, majority of people that listens to music do so just for the fun of it, which is entertainment, however music teaches us morals and exposes us to the realities of life, story for another day.
Nigerian music which is widely listened to across Africa and the world has had it music teaching values as well as entertaining for years.
Some Nigerian artists have helped in making some words which were not frequently used in day to day conversations, popular. The following are some of the artists and how they made the following words popular

– Dbanj with Endowed: The word endowed became well known to Nigerians when Dbanj sang about it in his hit track Mr Endowed, many people thought it was Dbanj’s coinage until they checked their dictionary, I could remember my cousin telling me endowed was Dbanj’s middle name. The word boosted the use of vocabulary among Nigerians especially the male folk, not a few used the line when asking a pretty lady out.

– Patoraking with Bomba: He added the Jamaican patois Bomba which means tampon to the Nigerian vocabulary, this became so popular that other artists have copied him.

– Dbanj with Oliver Twist: Most Nigerians who passed through secondary would have heard the name Oliver Twist, either in literature classes or amongst their peers, however not everyone has the luxury of going to a secondary school, Dbanj gave the public who do not know about the 18th century Victorian period fictional hero an insight into what it means to be an Oliver Twist, with the chants of Oliver Oliver Twist rendering the air whenever the song is played.

– Falzthebadguy with Hello Bae: The word which is an acronym for Before Anyone/Anything Else to show fondness and love found it way into Nigerian use when Falz released a hit single titled ‘ello bae, even though the video is hilarious, the message could still be deduced, ‘bae’ became the word for lovers replacing other pet names like Darling, Dear, love.

– Cynthia Morgan with le boo: Cynthia Morgan made the word boo popular by using it while singing, in the intro of her hit song Don’t break my heart, she mentioned le boo as well as in other songs she sang about love. The word boo became even more popular all thanks to the hit single Reggae blues by Harrysong featuring Kcee, Olamide, Orezi.


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