Celebrity refers to the fame and public attention accorded by the mass media to individuals or groups or, occasionally, animals, but is usually applied to the persons or groups of people themselves who receive such a status of fame and attention. You become a celebrity when you have achieved something tangible in what you do and got celebrated as a result, in that sense the celebrity tag is given to you naturally. An Internet celebrity on the other hand is someone who has a strong social media presence, is ‘firmous’ (famous) and boasts of followers running into hundred of thousands. We have the ones who perch on Twitter posting imaginary stories just for more followers, out doing one another just to be noticed. They can also be found on Instagram posting pictures in bathrooms, at the mall, a friend’s house or any random place with a nice background. Let me add that IG celebrities are the most problematic out of the two and I’d be focusing on them. The moment they hit thousands of followers they start acting like the best thing after fried dodo, if the followership runs into hundreds of thousand nko? Forget it, to reply your DMs, comments or questions except you are a fellow celebrity issa problem! It is as if they screw their noses up and look down on people with fewer followers as the less privileged, like a bourgeois event where only the haves are invited to while the have-nots stay back at home. You can never break into the inner circle except you become a celebrity too.

    You shall know them by the numbers of followers they have, the number of likes on every picture no matter how stupid it is, the strings of comments that never get a reply, the queue of poor brothers that keep sliding into their DMs, the starstruck aunties that keep sending admiration messages, pictures that tell the story of a perfect life, posing inside their daddy’s car, wearing fake yeezy boots, fancy clothes, fancy jewelries, fancy gadgets, everything fancy.

    The most annoying thing about them is the fact that they don’t monetize their account, some of them don’t even know they can, they only live for the likes and comments. I was told of a lady who yelled all of a sudden in public, when asked what the problem was she said.

    ‘I deleted my picture that has the most likes on Instagram’

    Ez like your brain is paining you

    That lady is the type that has lots of followers and fewer people she is following, oh you don’t know? The unspoken law of Instagram states that thine followers should be more than the people you are following!

    She’s the kind that posts pictures with a Samsung phone that has a smashed screen, adding captions stolen from a sensible person who can think, hashtag slay, hashtag dope hashtag everythingdumb hashtag everyone should see me for what I want them to see. They are the ones who want your ass licking comments plastered all over their pages to show the world how cool they are, the ones who borrow clothes from friends just to take a slay picture, the ones who quickly use their father’s car to snap pictures when they get sent on errands and then they come and form boss for you on IG.

    You Internet celebrities are part of the problems of the world, you guys contribute to the reason why our teenagers have low self esteem, the reason why youths think life is all rosy for some people and every problem is solved with the like button, you guys are the ones who make our kids think slaying is the new cool and not studying. Y’all are the ones who make life on Internet look like cotton candy when it’s actually rock buns.

    You would be drinking garri and groundnut and come on social media to post old pictures of the sharwama you ate…bish sit down, be humble. I wonder where your #selfofsteam (self esteem) would go if your followers reduce drastically to zero.


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