Your favourite blogger was minding her business on a hot Tuesday evening when my friend brought up Olisa Metuh’s stunt. ‘The stretcher man you mean?’ I added uninterested because I truly wasn’t interested. But then all the anger that had been simmering in me reached a boiling point, evaporated, turned to gas and somehow came back to boiling point.

#InLaisi’sVoice I am angry! I am really angry because nothing seems to be working in my country anymore! The country is now a joke! A burlesque where people can play dress up and present themselves as different people when the show is on. It only costs some bandage, the right attire and boom zaga boom, the theatrics begin.

Who does Olisa Metuh aka Stretcher man thought he was fooling when he had to transport himself in an ambulance to court? What sort of ailment suddenly befell him when he was to answer to the 400 million that was allegedly traced to him! Mr Olisa of the smart mouth, Mr Olisa of the learned profession, Mr Olisa the critic, Mr Olisa the actor!

Wehdone sir!

Politicians have now decided to ply the slow, steady and shady road their comrades-in-thievery used in escaping justice. Dasuki pleaded his passport get released to him so he could go treat his ‘budding cancer‘ during the period of his trial, Diezani too began to suffer from breast cancer when it was discovered there was more to her than meet the EYE.

Harpo, who dis woman shopping for grocery?

We are messed up, I can’t fathom whatever would make the judge or any of those present including those who brought in Metuh to believe he was actually sick. I wish somebody would slap him to good health but that would be a transgression on his human right. But why would someone’s grandpa embarrass himself infront of the whole wide world with the whole ‘I am sick’ gimmick.

Someone should give this man an Oscar!!!

So anybody who needs to answer to their number shifting, ghana-must go carrying side business must fall sick mysteriously? This should be the fault of Buhari, he is the one making the sickness go to them with his government. Ain’t we all eager to blame every misfortune on Buhari?

The way the stretcher was carried gingerly into the court is the way we carry corruption in Nigeria. – Abdulazeez Kaothar

How would Mrs Metuh feel? When she sees her husband disgracing himself so? What about his children? Can you all see your daddy? I bet you don’t, I reckon you guys are somewhere getting the best education money can afford. What about his sugar girls if he has any? Can you see your sponsor disgracing his generation? He reminds me of the Akiti the ghost song we sang in primary school. Akiti was a lazy man who acts like a ghost to chase his wife and kids away and steals her money until she caught him and sang a song of shame for him with her kids. Mr Olisa you are not different from Akiti, you both refused to face your challenges the way any responsible human would. You are nothing but a spineless Scared Advocate of Nigeria.

Olisa the coward
Olisa the fraud
Olisa the spineless one
Shame on Olisa!!!

Dear Olisa Metuh the stretcher man, I won’t wish you never get up from that stretcher, you would be going out and about already. But next time try a harder trick though, March 14 is close and nobody would be buying that whole stretcher trick again. Look for another sickness to lie on and get a good make-up artist to do some contouring to your face. Rehearse how to walk and speak in court since it is all a comedy show we must force ourselves to watch. You can shave your head to make the look more convincing. Oh you don’t know any make-up artist? Ask Diezani!!!


  1. AB February 7, 2018 at 7:19 am

    Well. This is an opinionated blog post and you are wholly entitled to it. But have you been following up Metuh’s case. Do you know he has been attending other court proceedings? Why should you conclude he was acting? What if he was truly sick? It really is disgraceful for someone to be brought in to a courtroom on a stretcher. It is uncalled for. It is something that we shouldn’t see happening again.

  2. T. piano February 7, 2018 at 9:37 am

    @AB I think you’re undermining what these politicians can do… Do you know what sentence he would get if he is found guilty?… So you expect him not to cook something up like Diezani, FFk and others did. We are in Nigeria o don’t dull it, forget the fact he has attended previous proceedings, this man can’t risk ending up his life in jail.

  3. Kanzah February 7, 2018 at 9:52 am

    If he wasn’t acting why would he fall sick suddenly at this point? He eas even reported to be healthy days before his stretcher stunt and if he was truly ill well you won’t blame me for thinking it all lies considering the sick card other politicians before him played.

  4. AB February 7, 2018 at 9:55 am

    We all know this side of the politicians. Yes, he might be faking it. But what if it is sincere? Where is our human side?

  5. AB February 7, 2018 at 9:58 am

    Truly I won’t blame you.
    But just know falling sick doesn’t come with notifications. Let’s always try to give an angle of humanity to each story. We know him “chop” money. But many of us will collect it if we were in his shoes. I am not supporting his actions. I am just saying we should give him the benefits of doubt.

  6. Tunesky February 7, 2018 at 11:28 pm

    @Ab, I can boldly tell you that Olisa Metuh framed it up. It is one of their(politicians) stunts…. So let’s enjoy the drama.

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