Hello sisters and brothers in Islam, how has Ramadan been? Hope no one is eating in the corner of their room and coming out with Quranic verses about the importance of Ramadan? May Allah continue to give us strength.
So was your day? As for me, my mouth was dry throughout, I was weak and I was counting down till Iftar. Few days ago, I was sleeping in the afternoon when I had a weird dream, I dreamt I ate before Iftar and I was scared in the dream. When I woke up, I purposely stayed away from helping my roommate with her fruit business because I was scared I would pop some grapes in my mouth and commit Kafarah.

It wasn’t easy fasting while growing up, especially when I was in secondary school and I realized I have to fast whether I liked it or not. It was my cousin that told me the bitter truth, I was on my a-eating a-having fun during Ramadan when he told me a fast purposely broken (Kafarah) by an adult means a 60days replacement! That was how I had a rethink and I took fasting seriously.

However when I was small, I and my cousins had loads of pranks up our sleeves during Ramadan. The most devious ones are:

– Pretending to perform ablution and sipping water in the process : I can rinse my mouth more than the prescribed three times while gulping enough water in the process, lol. How I wish I knew I was fooling myself and no one else. Lmfaooo

– Drinking water in secrecy : This is even more direct, I enter a dark or deserted place in the house and chug down cups of water. Then I wipe my mouth with my hand and enter the sitting room with sorry eyes and dry lips while my grandmother and aunties tell me ” sorry, sorry” in the evening, I get rewarded with huge chunks of meat and other juicy stuff because I “fasted”

– Fasting till midday : We used to call this “agba-di-ayila” this literally means fasting till Zuhr or 2pm. Two “agba-di-ayilas” equates to a whole fast to us then. Kids.

– Saving up different collectible edibles for Iftar : This is what happens on the days I fast and there is no spot for me to drink water and wipe lips. I would carry the leftover toast my little cousins in the morning eat and wrap it up, the orange they sucked in the afternoon, the sweets, the cake, the biscuits, the malt, just name it. Then I keep it in the fridge and wait for Iftar. When Iftar comes. Jeeeeeez, I won’t be able to touch it, stomach would be too full and threatening to tear, I would be completely immobile especially after downloading my grandmother’s Tuwo and Gbegiri.

– Purposely farting during Tarawih : My cousins and I do this a lot, and this is because we want to miss as many rakats as possible because oh well, Tarawih is so long a prayer and we are looking forward to the second meal and the sweet dates grandfather treats us to after Tarawih.

– Stealing meat from my grandfather’s food : I do this when everyone is praying, I either cough loudly or run out like I need to pee. Then I creep to where my grandfather’s half eaten food is and I begin to nibble at the meats. I just couldn’t resist, the serving when it come to my grandfather is always extra and more tantalizing than the bland way they just throw our food and fling the meats on top. Wicked aunts.

Ramadan was fun when I was little. I remember how one of my aunties, who was pregnant used to encourage me to eat Pounded Yam and Egusi soup with her.

” But I am fasting”

” Don’t worry dear, it is white food and white food doesn’t spoil a fast”
I don’t need further invitation, I settle down and gobble up the Pounded Yam, including the greenish-yellow Egusi. Ehehehe.

Or is it when my Mother would refuse to wake me up for Sahur because she didn’t want me to fast, and I would whine and cry that I want to fast, I associated fasting with growing up and the 5 year old me wanted to grow up. Here I am now.

Alhamdulilah for the journey so far. Sisters and brothers, I wish you the best of Ramadan. May Allah SWT make it easy to the end and may he not deprive us of the rewards that come with Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak Muslim Ummah!

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