Yet again we were treated to another side of the bizzare happenings in this crazy sphere called earth. It was first reported in Ghana, the sextape of a school principal with his student was plastered on various blogs and the social media. We were still engrossed in the brouhaha as people vehemently called for the principal’s head for sleeping with his student, the supposed student however came forward to state he was her boyfriend and the sex was consensual when another one happened. South Africa played host to another exposed principal who was accused of sexually molesting, maltreating and exploiting his female students and teachers!!! As at when I last read on the incident the number was placed at 45 and still counting.

The Ghanaian principal

I was caught between annoyance, disgust and pity as I read what is being said about the south African principal. He doesn’t just molest his staff and students but takes pictures of them unclad and in compromising positions. He threatens them, punishes them and violates them. I wondered why it took the women so long to speak up but then I thought what if they had been confiding in people, reported at the station and nothing was done about it and it gets covered up.

The South African Principal

Student/pupils sexual molestation by male teachers or male principals have always been covered up or never reported. You hear reasons like;

It would be a shame on you and your child.
It will cause unecessary trouble and attention.

That was the case years ago when a son of the proprietress of a reputable school in Ilorin was caught sexually abusing the female pupils in the school. He even instructed them to wear sexy red pants for him or go pantless. The pupils who failed to obey his instructions got whipped mercilessly and the library was where he does all sorts with the helpless pupils. When he was exposed and the school was closed for a while, his mother flew him out of the country and attributed his pervasive behaviour to a mental illness. The school was reopened again and it continued running smoothly like nothing ever happened. No charge, no fine, no justice!!!

I was also a witness to what would have been an illicit affair between a teacher and my very close friend in Junior secondary school. My close friend happened to be an early and bounteous bloomer, she was generously filled out in the right places at the age of 11. Due to her privileged background she had access to a phone she shared with her siblings. The man in question, a man in his mid 40s who took us English called her aside one day and gave her his number instructing her to call him when she gets home and she’s alone. She called him in the presence of her siblings instead, there and then he began all sort of talks with a little girl. Of course her mother didn’t take it lightly with the school when she found out about the conversations he is having with a little girl. My friend was withdrawn from the school and it had a lot to do with him who by that time had ran off under the pretence of ‘going for further studies.’ Nothing happened to him but we the female pupils were bored to death with advise on how it is shameful to be attract men especially old men, like our peanut chests could.

So I won’t be surpised if all that ever comes out of the Ghanian and South African principals saga is just hashtags and a week or two protest on the social media and oh maybe a march from one end of the city to the other by women carrying placards. Even though the lady in the video with the Ghanian principal claimed he was her boyfriend and they have been together for 4 years, she’s just 20 and that only proves he has been sleeping with her since she was a minor!

And it is appaling that this might end up in nothing, a little cash here, a threat there and the South African principal would be forgiven. Sexual abuse is still being treated with levity and we wonder why it gets worse. Three year olds are getting traumatized and eternally scarred and nothing is being done about it. And I am disappointed in the adults and the lady who went on a rave on Facebook about the South African principal, you all made it drag on for far too long. You all kept quiet when silence wasn’t an option!

Fathers are molesting their daughters and nothing is being done to curb it. Teachers who are supposed to be a succor and the voice for the helpless children getting abused are molesting them right inside the school.

What a crazy world we live in!

This post was to be posted on the 30th of January but a blog maintenance issue came up. I am so sorry.

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