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Sometimes the inspiration you need is people, I was blank since yesterday I don’t know why, nothing was in my head I wanted to share how my AIESEC meeting went with you guys but I don’t even know how to start, that would come some other time, I promise.
I don’t know when, where and how the theory of your girlfriend or fiancé automatically mothering you when you start dating got propounded, I mean I don’t get, nowadays when guys hear the word relationship, their minds does a 360 and they start having thoughts of a lady in bumshorts and camisole, sashaying around their room, cleaning, cooking, feeding them at times, please everybody thinks food is the new sexy, really?
Whatever happened to the lovey dovey aspects? I wonder when girls became so moronic to the point that they think it is pretty cool to play the wifey game when you got no ring on your finger, please that ring doesn’t even cuff you and bind you to become his no payday, all day, everyday slave, what kind of desperation will make you cling hopelessly to a man, ladle in one hand and mopping stick in the other? Not too cool girl, what happened to your self respect? Did mummy raise you up to be a slave? Or you are still falling for the hook, line and sinker of a wife material, girl are you a piece of fabric!
I have said it before, and I will say it again, feminists are not lonely, sad, masculine women with numerous disappointments from men neither are they women that have never been given the wink by men, feminism comes in different colors, it is rainbow, different shapes and sizes, women like them will take none of these nonsense about free labour for wifey glamour , and wait, I am no feminist, at least not yet, okay I thought I was but not anymore but that doesn’t mean I will fall for any of that smelly talk about washing your sweaty briefs and cleaning your greasy kitchen every weekend like my life depended on it and that doesn’t mean you should too, I did all that for my mummy and I am still doing it and it is enough to teach me how to run a home when I have one, I don’t need an extra training anywhere to make me a better woman.
Baby, you are so better than all the praises his friends and he showers on you, because when you leave that house and B comes around they will praise her better and the moment T stops over and drops the special delicacy she brings every Friday, they go howling like wolves that just closed in on a juicy prey, and good riddance to bad rubbish over your hard work, mopping and scrubbing his bathroom, if your hands itch so bad and you really feel like cooking and cleaning for free, you could do great by volunteering at an orphanage, the help there goes a long way than your waste of time that only gets you a “you are definitely wifey” and a sloppy kiss with a smack.
A piece of advise for guys and men and boys out there, I don’t know why most of you still want to be babies, I mean it is enough she calls you ‘baby’ I don’t know why you can’t just man up and accept responsibilities rather than cowering behind that silly gimmick of she being a wife material, and making her a cook, a clean and uhm mother (I heard she feeds you, are you weaned yet!). Better get the brooms and start fixing the jumble shackhouse you call room and good luck to you if you don’t know how to cook, a little fasting every now and then hurts nobody.
I will stop here but I am still boiling, beautiful sisters out there, being in a relationship does not make you a caretaker or a mummy, stop fussing over what is none of your business, tada to him if he chooses to wear one boxer for fifteen days, please he is not even that cute.. See ya.


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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

7 thoughts on “SHE IS NOT YOUR MUMMY!

  1. AvatarEmZi

    Well, I mean no disrespect to women out there, but if she’s stupid enough to clean and cook like there’s no tomorrow, and then think herself the wifey, without a ring on her finger(not that it matters much, it can be removed anytime), then what’s a brother gotta do?? Sit back and enjoy the ‘mother show’! I respect women, really, but I will marry who I want whenever I want to. Thanks Kanzah, and stop boiling, not too good for human health *winks

  2. AvatarRukayyah

    This is phenomenal! I used to think I was d only who believed the whole relationship “tradition” is illogical. They burn their hands in d kitchen, wasting their precious time while he is utilizing his time, studying or doing some other relevant stuffs. “If he complains, let him get a maid or take one of his siblings or any family member to do his chores, if not better find ur way miss damsel”

  3. AvatarRukayyah

    Some crazy fella would even refer to the wise girls who know their self worth as lazy. Thanks alot jawe Kaothar, atleast I know someone gt my back and my will remains ever stronger with my belief concerning this pandemic issue.


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