Before you fashion forward people come for my head, let me state here and now that my fashion sense goes off and on like a firefly ON, OFF, ON, OFF, maybe when it’s ON I can see the sense in this but till then NO!.

It’s a common knowledge that most men care less about fashion or what not. Once they put on a Jean or T-shirt they are good to go. Only few go through the stress of matching their tie with their shirt or checking if their belt matches their shoe.

Now when we have men putting on absurd things in the name of fashion, then I don’t know what’s up any more. Thanks to Kanye and the rest, we have men literally sharing clothes with women, they have made skirts and blouse more expensive in the market. Before you bit and call me ignorant for this post with the talk “But women wear Trousers, Agbada and other male clothing” ask yourself, does it look ridiculous on women that do? Compare a woman in Agbada to a man in Skirt and blouse. I will wait.


There are some cultures that support putting on skirts like the Scottish and it is called Kilt and more like a cultural thing. So, why are you Akindele Chigozie Aminu in a skirt that was probably meant for your baby sister? If you feel like wearing something that allows free flow of air why not put on something that is also more culture savvy? Like Bante? Yorubas have Bante, it is a loin cloth worn around the waist. The Ibos also have a short skirt thingy made from animal skin that is worn by men too. So, choose a struggle?

Akin Faminu and other fashion conscious African dudes I know do not try to outdo women with their bizarre OOTD. And please don’t bring feminism into this, whatever gender construed talks you have up your thumbs please save it, just because there is clamour for gender equality and a departure from societal norms because they want to make “gender neutral fashion statements – to expose the gender polarized society that we live in” (Purushu Arie) doesn’t mean men should step out like casts from a low budget transvestite movie.