I am just a small girl with a big God.

When this saying was just a harmless caption on Instagram. It meant nothing other than women expressing their gratitude to God and the grace of God in their lives.

When this caption began to garner popularity on Instagram, it is usually accompanied by picture perfect girls with outfits that look freshly bought from a high end boutique. Small girl with a big God and pictures taken at Burj-khalifa, Marseilles, a beach in Miami without any source of income.

Oshe small girl with dope kitty

It didn’t take unpaid Nigerian detectives long before they found out girls who hustle smart are particularly fond of the saying. The said girls will come on IG, Facebook and Twitter flipping their 25 inches perfect weaves, dressed in designer outfits from head to toe, with a perfect makeup and a slay pose before captioning it small girl with big God.

We learnt that they are only a bunch of girls pretending to be what they are not. I think people began to take offense because these girls will rather praise God as the sponsor of the numerous trips abroad, the bank alerts, the new weaves, clothes, bags, shoes and cars instead of fingering their sponsors.

Ha ha! Why?!

So how do we know she is a small girl with a big God?

  • She’s a small girl with big God if she jets out for vacation every now and then without any credible source of income.

  • She’s a very small girl with big God if she has numerous guys she pretends she likes but she puts them in the friendzone just to exTHOT them for cash.

  • She’s a small girl with a big God if she has numerous uncles who are only mentoring her.

  • If she taxes you after sex you both enjoyed. She definitely has a very big God!

  • If she is on IG and Twitter every now and then posing half nekkid in different hotel bathrooms.

  • When she keeps throwing shade and insults to bitches and haters both real and imaginary every now and then.

  • If she won’t stop snuggling up to different boys just to eat some chicken and get airtime for sub.

  • If she is quick to deny she has a boyfriend before a bowl of chicken and chips. Forget it she’s a small girl with a big dog… God.

  • If she will only date guys who are into yahoo. She’s small, hungry and definitely needs a big God.

  • If she is always flaunting wads cash yet her parents are humble set of humans.

  • When she flaunts the latest gadgets, designer purses and shoes every time and smile toothily before saying ‘my sister God is good!’

  • If she pronounces Chanel as channel yet she has bottles of Chanel no 5 in her wardrobe.

  • If she fixes lashes longer than a traditional hand fan, vulture talons as nails and won’t stop parading clubs aimlessly every Friday looking for a boy to buy her a drink.

  • Those girls who accompany their friend on a date and will end up ordering food as if they have a 16 feet long worm in their abdomen.

  • Girls who part their legs like Moses parted the red sea after a random guy took them to SHOPRITE!

  • Those who steal man’s numbers from their friend’s phone.

  • The ones who tell their partners ‘he is just my friend nothing much’ but carries the friendship to the bed.

In short small girl with a big God is now a derogatory term used for any girl who exhibit a hoeish behaviour. In as much as we also have upright, go-getters, loyal women who do not give themselves out for money, favours and designer knock offs, the desperate attitude of these desperadHOES have smeared them all. This can be seen in the way a pure statement has been twisted into an utterance that now makes people raise their eye brows.

Verily the small girls serve a mighty sponsor indeed while the big ones serve an ever living mighty God in heaven!