Dressing up neat and nice equates to you getting treated pleasantly, while some fuss about looking good, others don’t,some are even content with a Jean and a t-shirt. Some people go about selecting a cloth for the day caring less if the shoes matches the bag or the belt matches the shoes, while others would pay accurate attention to details, from the head to the toe.

I believe comfort is the key however way you chose to dress, wear what you would be comfortable in, but I also believe you should not discomfort others while pleasing yourself,confusing isn’t it? Here is an example, imagine a girl who felt like wearing a sequined blouse on a sunny afternoon just because she feels like and feels comfortable wearing it, the rays of sun on sequins can cause pain and irritation to the eye of other people going about their businesses in “Jean and t-shirt”.

It is high time we questioned the quote “you are addressed the way you are dressed”. Or would we address a woman in Agbada(a garment meant for Yoruba men in Nigeria ) as a man?

What is your own definition of style, what are your views on dressing up and fashion.