Even from dirt, that which is beautiful can be born Just because we are throwaways Doesn’t make us rags that should be torn You are blind to our beauty Because we reek of filth Yet you don’t know our story Or the countless times we have fell Like a monolith We rise higher and higher Heaps mounting at your door step We are Phoenix reborn from the fire Nay, we shan’t crumble but get stronger and stronger We are dirt but we are cleaner than you. :Abdulazeez kaothar



    Hello, it’s me. No, I am not about to narrate one of those stupid dreams of mine again, nope. But I woke up with a purpose today, to unlearn some things. It is shocking when you realize that some things you have always stood up for are lies, reality is rude, it just sets in without giving you a heads up first. Also, I am trying to learn that putting myself first and not letting anybody trample on me is important, I used to think I have no self-esteem issues, you know this cool chic that has her own thing going on for her? Yeah that was what I thought…