I started this post with the title the girl code in mind, in fact I had already written a couple of sentences using the girl code but then I realized I am directing this to ladies in their teens, twenties or even thirties and not a bunch of eight year olds who fight over lollipops.

If you belong to the female sex and you have a couple of friends who are of the same sex, you should know there are some by-laws that guide your friendship, these by-laws is known as The Girl Code, but in this post I am referring to it as The Chic Code.
The Chic code is a set of rules every woman must follow, it is basically a rule that sees to the loyalty of a woman to her peers. The code applies to everyone who is of the female sex but the rules change as a girl blooms into a woman. Why? Because the codes for preteen girls doesn’t apply to ladies in their teens, twenties, thirties…

The Chic Code doesn’t come in a manual neither is it written down in a scroll of parchment, the rules are more of a subconscious thing every woman ought to know, why this is so I don’t know maybe there was a rite of passage in heaven, and the rules was read to every baby girl as she prepares to get popped into the world. Anyways, women don’t take it easy with other women when they break the Chic Code, you can not excuse an action that was contrary to the Chic Code on ignorance, No!.

For someone who once ended up as the pariah in the girls community for the wrong reasons, I think I know a bit about female codes and abiding by it. So here we go…

Thou shalt not hate on another Woman: You shouldn’t, you can’t, you mustn’t harbour hatred for another woman, we ladies can step on each other’s toes at times but letting things go and ignoring things that threaten your peace is better. The things you are hating on may not even make sense so why bother?

Thou Shalt support one another: I believe the saying “women supporting one another” is now making the rounds, but doesn’t it sound cool? Imagine a world where women always have each other’s back? Where a lady who is tensed relaxes when she sees a fellow woman? So go on, support other women, it is not a must for it to be something huge it could come in form of a sanitary pad, standing up for another woman when she is in trouble or waking her up to read in the night.

Thou Shalt not Slut-shame another Woman: Slut-shaming is when you criticize your friend who is sexually liberated, come on chica it is her life, You don’t have to go around the yard talking about her sexcapades with every jobless fellow who cares to listen, who you epp? Best thing you can do is hand her a couple of condoms when she is going out to get some and talk to her about practicing safe sex without sounding like her cranky aunty.

Thou Shalt always be there for a sister: Whether it is being a shoulder to lean on after a nasty breakup, or helping her fence off attention from a dude she would rather not talk to, you have to be there to give your female friend or any lady a hand. Not everyone can deal with tough situations by themselves.

Thou Shalt not let your friend go out looking like Mother Gagou: It is common for friends to deceive their friends into thinking they look good so as not to hurt their feelings however, it is better you tell them the truth when they ask the “how do I look” question. Help them fix the smudges around their lips and tell them to change their clothes if they have to, never let your friend go out of the house or hostel looking like Ugly Betty with a clown’s makeup. Some women would rather let their friend look like a granny so that they would look good, this is bad it only shows you see them as a threat and you think they will take away your shine, but the truth is nobody can take away your shine because you are unique in your own beautiful way.

Thou Shalt have nothing to do with your friend’s Ex or Crush: That is like a known Chic Code rule, you want to go after your friend’s crush? like seriously? You know you don’t want to hang out with your friend’s Ex either not to talk of dating, what gives you the assurance things would work out between the two of you? If you guys have a great biology and something is about to germinate between you and your friend’s Ex, your friend shouldn’t be kept in the dark. You need her blessing before you go on with it otherwise you may wake up the next morning and find yourself glued to the bed. I am just kidding!

Thou Shalt not neglect your friends because of your lover: Hey boo, we were here first and we will be forever, don’t you forget all about us because of this new amazing person that has swept you off your feet.

Thou Shalt not take your friend’s stuff without informing her: What manner of thievery is that? If you guys are not best friends that comes with an extra F you can’t take her stuff without permission.

Thou Shalt say the truth about where you got your stuff: Ladies that tell the truth about where they get their cute stuff from are the real deal, most pretend like they have forgotten or lie about the prices so their friends won’t try to buy them, but you know what? It is not worth it, clothes fade, shoes spoil, accessories go out of fashion but your friends will always be around.

Thou Shalt not talk about your friends to random people: Don’t tell people stuff about your girlfriends, it is not cool and it doesn’t make you look cool either. When things are not so great between the two of you, you sort that out between the two of you instead, like Jessica Pearson would say “you don’t let the kids know mummy and daddy are fighting”.

Thou Shalt compliment other women: Be generous with your compliments and be sincere as well, do not tell lies in a bid to look good, it is better to be quiet when a lady’s opinion, input, outfit or look just doesn’t cut it for you rather than lying about how you really feel.

Thou Shalt help other women out in embarrassing situations: You should be the hero instead of laughing at her like everybody else, save the day and make her feel less awful than she already does.

Thou shalt not fight another woman over a Man: it is just not worth it, for every man who strays is hundreds of replacement lining up for you to make a pick from.


Thou shalt not post unflattering pictures of your friend: Seriously, it is not cool. If you look great in it and your friend doesn’t crop her our. Life ain’t hard.

So here are the Chic Codes, are there any other thing rules you think I left out? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box.


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