Perfect man?what is an average woman’s definition of a perfect man?for most women out there with exquisite taste, high requirements must be met before a man is sanctioned as perfect! Same goes for most men too. Perfect man,to most women is tall,dark and handsome but most wouldn’t mind him being sexy, intelligent, well-to-do, funny, nice breath, cool, nice body smell, neat,great fashion sense, humorous with a diction to die for.

When it comes to most men and their checklist for finding their missing rib, it is a whole different story, most have the figure 8 on their checklist but it seems attention has shifted from that hourglass shape considered by many as perfect to being a great cook, respectful, intelligent, respectful, decent, prudent, loving, caring and most of all beautiful.

Call them over the top, some may even snigger and say such men/women do not exist, I say they do, they are just scarce, the perfect men, on the one hand, would seldom approach a woman, they wait for the women to throw themselves at them, after all they are the men with the everything. The perfect women, on the other hand, are mostly considered snobbish they intimidate men and they give most men the idea that they are somebody’s bae when the reverse is the case.

Some women run to handsome men to correct their gene, have something to show off against their sworn enemies and rivals, just for the vain satisfaction of being with a cute man and getting lost in his dreamy eyes not minding if he has been with other women, just because she has legal papers signed that he is “hers” and she is his.

Most men would want the perfect woman to be a good mummy to their kids, to post on Instagram as WCE with an awesome body after three kids making their bachelor friends wish they were married and their married friends secretly wishing she was their wife.

Some women would want a man with the perfect everything, to dissuade them from cheating, they would want to be content with their partner, hold up! I just got told he must be a sex god! That is important, every woman wants a great time in the sheets with her partner, or what is the essence of sleeping beside the definition of gorgeous when he can’t get it on? He should be good enough to make them result temptation even if it comes in form of glittering diamonds or vanilla flavoured ice cream with Strawberry toppings, they will keep their minds busy with the thought of the god that worships at their temple, and the moist feelings that ooze through their thighs would become nothing but a stream of temptation that would flow away, the men here also says they would love her to be a jack of all trades and mistress of all, she should be able to handle the finances with them and hold her head, she should be a woman of her own mind and not just the type that relaxes on the settee and wait on them for everything, “we do not want a beautiful perfect liability” … Ooops

After all said and done no woman or man deserve less than what he or she deserves whether good or bad,no woman should be content with less than what she wants,the biological clock is nothing but a hasty demon,give it your soul and you join the hasty race for a love that needs to find you, men need to dump the idea of getting married just because they have attended everyone’s wedding in their crew, stop keeping up with the Jones especially eventually they would outrun you.

Saving yourself for what is ideal is not as fruitless as waiting for Godot it is the content that comes with you loving yourself first and being happy with yourself,and not desperately looking for that love in the hands of a man or a woman who doesn’t even love himself or herself yet. Do not settle, chose the best, and while you finally meet the one your heart finds peace with, you should not be in doubt of whether he or she is the one or not. And when the vermin called cheating creeps into your marital life don’t be too scared to cut them off just because of what people would say and move on with your life if you were contented with them, they should be contented with you too. Or you can forgive, it doesn’t hurt.

Men should be careful when their partner starta exhibiting a show of love for almost everyone with a third leg, don’t encourage her praise of other men, she should be content with you.
Dear women, only walking d#cks chose to cheat on a woman who satisfies them with everything and a d#ck would always stay a d#ck, a d#ck gets agitated most times for no reason a d#ck is selfish and gets there without considering any other thing , anything slippery and wet satisfies a d#ck, a d#ck is a weakling when not agitated, a d#ck is the life force of a bigot and a cheating d#ck deserves to be CUT off.

What is your own definition of a perfect partner?, I would love to hear from you. # xoxo


I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.


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    Nothing pays then having what’s truly yours because in the end you either regret what you have or appreciate what you truly bought or waited patiently for.peaceout…

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    I don’t know the definition of a perfect partner cos I haven’t found one yet…. But when I do will surely let you in on the gist
    Nice one dear

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    HMMM, everyone will always have a negative attribute…So to me a perfect partner is one who tends to make his/her partner happy always…
    To the writer, i will like to appreciate d activation energy of ur write up bcos d reaction gave a meritorious product…

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    seriouslyyyy? a wise man once opined he said “perfection is seeing the imperfection of your partner and you still want to be with them”…everybody is born to have flaws, bad attitudes others cant put up with.. He (God) is the defination of perfection.. So putting up wt d bullshit and imperfection of your partner is an indirect goal to achieve a lil bit of perfection in a relationship..thank you.

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    Mohamard Harbyb

    Everyones definition of a perfect “Mr or Miss” goes in theway of each individuals view of perfection.what you see as perfection in some one could be his/her flaw to me.But i am envisaging the coming of a flawless writer or is it blogger?believe me,i love this smiley to show a thumbs up(smile)

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    I read all the posts, this is my favourite 💯💯🙌🙌

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