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Buhari stirred agitated bees hornet when he said his wife belongs to the kitchen and the other room. Feminists and none feminists all went for him, majority criticized him for objectifying his wife, seeing her as nothing except a bedmate and cook. Almost everyone had a thing or two to say about Buhari’s remark, they called him a misogynist, the typical 21st century African man with myopic sight, who does not see the place of a woman beyond the kitchen and oh well the other room.
I see people on social media platforms feverishly typing behind their computers and their smartphones calling Buhari an old bigot for what he said while others have resorted to sharing staged loved up pictures and romance between them and their wives e.g Reno Omokri, suddenly most Nigerian men began to declare their undying love and respect for their wives, some even went as far as snapping pictures of themselves and putting it on social media platforms. Hypocrisy!
I say, why wait till when Buhari has tossed himself to the sharks before coming out to call your wife a woman of substance whose place does not belong to the kitchen and the other room alone? Why come out to publicly condemn Buhari when majority of these so called educated men are terrors who have turned their wives to a living robot who only talks when instructed to talk, why take pictures of yourselves lacing your wife’s shoe when you beat the living daylight out of her every blessed night? Why tell us you eat out with your wife every weekend because she is wife not cook when she had spent the better part of the week in the kitchen than out of it? Is taking your wife to the restaurant on Sunday part of keeping the sabbath day holy?
And speaking of the other room, why have people stopped refusing to accept that yes, man and wife must have sex with each other, why does the fact that Buhari said that Buhari said his wife belong to his other room became an issue worth condemning? Fine we don’t care how they play the bedroom politics but do we have to pretend as though a woman does not satisfy her husband’s sexual needs same way as the husband’s satisfy hers? I see nothing worth condemning in this for he doesn’t say his wife belongs to these rooms only, he only said that in reply to a question about his wife supporting the opposition party.
Most men claiming to be supportive husbands are mostly serial cheats who do not satisfy their wives in bed but choose to spend quality time and money on willing women outside, hypocrisy everywhere, most women typing in frustration behind their computers are mostly casted women who would hop without second invitation into every married man’s bed, so tell me where do you belong?


If Aisha Buhari truly belongs to the other room only, how come she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration from
Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), and a master’s degree in International Affairs and Strategic Studies from the Nigerian Defence Academy , Kaduna? Which man would allow a woman who only belongs to the kitchen and bedroom to undertake a Counselling Course on Co-Dependency in the United Kingdom?. Anybody can be a feminist with blind arguments and writings, the question is are you a feminist in your actions or do you live for the accolades alone? Do you support protection of the girl child and speak against assault against women? Where is your voice when a women get assaulted? Most of you would not stand up from the settee where you type out rash words and arguments when a girl child is lying in pains in an hospital after getting molested, you only jump out with full claws when issues that attract international attention are addressed.
Nigerians should know how and when to scream Gender equality and gender discrimination, this is politics and nobody really knows what is going on, what if we are all falling for a big distraction from a huge fraudulent activities going on in the government? What if a serious issue is being covered up? What if all these is staged?


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