While you were still bemoaning your destiny over the gift Chioma received from Davido. Another set of celebrity have thought of a scheme to steer your attention away from your life. Ladies and gentlemen give it up for Tiwa and Wizkid!!!!

Sometimes last week or the week before, Twitter, blogs and other social platforms were abuzz with news about whether Tiwa and Wizkid are now a bizzare item. The odd ‘couple’ started by teasing their followers with different pictures of them chilling together triggering speculations like they expected. When news broke about possible romance, they carried themselves on a date and surprisingly some monitoring spirits happened to capture them on their way in. As if that wasn’t enough Wizkid posted a tweet about him needing a sister and Davido was quick to call Tiwa. This further fueled the rumour that the two were having some roboskeke roboskeke moments.

More people jumped on the rumour making rounds. It got more intense when it was reported that Tiwa unfollowed Davido and Davido unfollowed her too making you all belief that there is a non-existent beef. This led to people wondering whether Tiwa and Wizkid were truly an item. Some people went back to their music videos and suddenly realized there was a hot chemistry between them. Some talked about the kisses they shared whenenever they performed together. Some even made outrageous claims about how Wizkid could be using Tiwa to deal with some mummy issues he might have. But we all know the Wizkid story and it was never reported that Wizkid had any issue with maternal care while growing up or is there? Anyways this has turned people into emergency detectives looking for more pictures and evidences to state the fact that #TIZKID is existing. Some however are only waiting on the tea and the uproar that will happen on Twitter when people find more than pictures to make the two an item.

Waiting on the tea like…

Your homegirl decided not to keep pretending to mind her business and voice her opinion on the whole charade. A charade I call it because this thing is nothing more than a circus show meant to entertain you and earn them more money in the process. Condolences to those who have wasted precious moments spitting saliva in each other’s faces because of the two.

Sorry o.

Now let’s get this straight. If Tiwa was actually dating Wizkid as you people were made to believe. What about Tbillz? Two, Tbillz and Tiwa are not divorced yet and Tiwa is not dumb to go public with a relationship when she is still married. Three, if Wizkid is dating Tiwa is it to make her babymama number 4? Will Tiwa ever fall for such? Is someone like her liable to make such mistake? No! Can you see the flaw in that? This all boils down to the fact that this is nothing but PR! A cheap means of turning you guys attention on them. It could possibly be for a tour, new album or single.

Pretense dating, dating for the camera is not new in celebrisphere. It is an easy means of getting fans attention on their favourite celebrity so the celebrity will not lose their relevance. Celebrities need relevance because nobody makes an irrelevant one an ambassador, nobody listens to the songs of an irrelevant artist, sooner or later irrelevant artists fade from the entertainment radar and their comeback is often not easy. They either resort to a total rebranding or cook up a controversy to bring back attention on them.

Remember ‘Catching cold’ music video Tiwa did with Flavour? And how we all thought they exchanged a kiss? And how everyone began to say Flavour will eventually impregnate Tiwa? Did anything like that happen? No. The controversy only reinforced Tiwa in the music industry. Tiwa may have the talent and the poise of a diva but she definitely need some little controversy here and there to put her on top of her game!

Just like her mentor Beyonce whose PR people have a knack for pushing out divorce rumours when she’s about to release an album Tiwa also need something to keep you all talking while she makes some major money moves.

So here’s an advice for everyone. Stop believing everything you see. Stop losing sleep over some celebrities who are strategically cementing their career. Both are equally talented and they can choose to do what they think is the best for them and their career. If they eventually go public and tell you all they are dating that’s their business. I can bet my Nokia torch that in few months they will start deleting each other’s pictures. Unfollow each other and make you all believe they have broken up when they were never even dating.

Don’t fall for it guys. Stay woke! This is only my opinion. I await yours.

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