How long? How long has it been
I was told yesterday, they said his balls
got chopped?
Sister! Answer me, don’t just sit there
I went to sit on the couch with her,
But she cowered against the wall,
“Faith please, just talk to me”
I pleaded,
Her lips were chapped and bleeding
Harmattan has gotten to her,
Her feet were white from the kiss of
the weather, her hands bore tales of
Tears spilled out of my eyes, all I could
think of was how he took her, as fragile
as she was, against her will
Her innocence… Gone gone forever
Her eyes were empty when she stared at me,
They probed and dug into the hole of my soul,
I was still while she turned and unearth the secrets that I had buried
Safely tucked in the depths of my soul
Long decayed but still as fresh as a carrot frozen in time, which starts to rot the moment heat caresses it.
Her eyes were no longer searching,
She was mocking me now,
She was mocking the human race
She mocked womanhood the most,
“it happened to you too I see”
She seized my hands as she said this and squeezed as I gave in to my own sorrows.