Trigger happy men of the force are not new to the Nigerian armed forces but despite the risk they pose to the society they are expected to protect, they still get recruited into the various Nigerian armed forces. The Nigerian armed forces mode of recruitment is so lax that some emotionally unpredictable individuals find it easy getting recruited. This is due to the fact that psychiatric check up is not stressed in the cause of recruitment instead we see physical, health  and surface mental check up only. This has enabled lots of would be trigger happy folks get their hands on guns they should be far away from.

Another unfortunate incident happened yesterday which shows that the trigger happy men of the force are still roaming around free without therapy or treatements. How can the demand for  5k bribe lead to you firing your gun? The lacklustre and unsympathetic statement by the Customs comptroller depicts nonchalance and a justification for the killing which is; the custom ofticial was attacked by the dead man. Well it’s true dead men tell no stories but I bet no one in their right senses would think of attacking an armed man physically!

Why won’t Nigeria keep tonioniown this way when we have mentally unbalanced people at the forefront of our affairs as well? See how politicians are quick to engage in scuffles and throw chairs at another during disagreement, people who wouldnt hesitate to shoot each other to death inside the parliament. We have thugs in suits and agbada at the helm of our affairs so why won’t our armed force be lopsided?

I mean the average Nigerian is not safe where any armed man of the force is, we have heard of SARs officers shooting innocent citizens because they suspect they are Yahoo boys, policemen shooting at motorists because they were not given 20 naira bribe, some men of the Nigerian army gunning down their colleagues because of an argument. How much longer? How long would we endure unecessary killings? When will it be mandatory to do a psychiatric evaluation of these people before they are given guns to carry?

God save Nigeria before it’s too late.