Good morning people, hope you had a lovely night rest? Good.

I was nominated for Unilorin hype awards in two categories, I am that awesome. Lol, it is not easy being a cool someborry right? Don’t mind me.

I need you guys help, whoever is reading this should know I need his or her vote. I was nominated in the Blogger of the year female and Best Writer of the Year. The first is in the female category while the second us a free for all category, you should know how tough that is gonna be.

Please, Biko, Dan Allah, Edakun, E jor, Se Compassione( I don’t know what this means) vote for me, please vote for me, please vote for me o. Lemme win this one because I have to win it. Here is the link to vote Unilorin Hype Awards

Remember I have been nominated in two categories, you can only vote once in a day, but if you have got multiple browsers, well… #winks

Dearest Kanzahnians we can do it!