Life is hard because humans made it so, please before you judge me take your time to read this through, see ehn, brothers and sisters in this senseless sphere we call life, I am sick and tired of dem chewing gum boys already!. I wasn’t always like this but times and things have changed, the government has also changed and so is my philosophy about life too.

I used to be the dreamy one, I dream a lot, dreams about ending up with tall, dark and handsome, three years older than me, good job and all that sugar and spice thing every girl dreams off when she thinks of Mr. Right, I was the holier-than thou type, I was always quick to judge my friends and acquitances who are found wanting in one aspect or another, I dreamt of the perfect Wedding Digest Nigeria Wedding, roses, one tall lanky guy, cute bridesmaids and all but all this has been snapped out of my brain!

I realized majority of the chewing gum boys I run after or gives side eyes are just the stay in school, collect pocket money, drive mummy’s car around town, go chill with friends every weekend, snap fancy IG photos and borrow money to look good kinda guys. See ehn I am not bad mouthing all chewing gum boys some still have plans but mehn I need a sugar daddy now!

I am tired, just tired! I am tired of borrowing #50naira everytime just to call my chewing gum boyfriend when he runs out of the airtime which he also borrowed? I am tired of cooking indomie and putting it inside polythene bag for my chewing gum boyfriend just because he squandered his pocket money on nairabet and is now cashless, I am tired of being bullied into sex everytime just because my chewing gum boyfriend thinks I do not love him enough if I don’t give in, I am tired of going to the mall and picking up a bowl of ice-cream which we pretend he is buying for me but which we actually share when we get to a safe corner (he almost plucked out my eyes during the struggle for the ice cream one day ), I am tired of him looking clueless when I ask him about his future, I am tired of being called Bae and boo for nothing, I am tired of trekking up and down aimlessly just because he is throwing useless, senseless tantrums, I am tired of hearing stories about his friend’s girlfriends, I am tired of forcing him to study and make himself a better person, I am tired of advising and trying to make him fix his life I am tired, I am tired!!!

Right now, at this stage of my life (my age is none of your business) I need security, to hell with love, I need a man who can foot my bills, I need a man who can keep his own, I need a man who would give me a shoulder to lean on, I need a man who would comfort me and make me understand life better, I need a ‘blesser’, I need a man who would make the sun shine on a rainy day, I need a money maker, I don’t care whether he has potbelly or he is fit, I don’t care about his looks, I don’t care if he doesn’t know the latest trend on Twitter, I don’t give a damn about his fashion sense…. All I need is a SUGAR DADDY

:Frustrated Single Girl.


I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

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