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You are just a kid
Playing with her dolls
Watching her father stagger into the shack you call home
He struggles to keep the alcohol in his stomach
As usual he failed
The vomit splatter on your dolls
And your mother who is waiting rushes to clean his mess

You are just a kid
When he came home one sunny afternoon,
While you were eating with your mother,
His biceps bulging through his dirty tattered shirt
His palm sandals looking the worse for wear
And his hair? Sleek and shiny
An odd combination against his ugly rough face
He charges towards your mother and kicks the plate of leftovers
You watch bewildered as he flung your mother across the room
The plate clatters against the wall
While your mother’s head hit the hard, cold floor,

You were just a kid
When he woke up one night
You heard him struggling with your mother
Muffled screams and groan
And then…
Your mother’s cold stiff body was carried out the next morning
By a group of people who heard what happened the previous night,
What a beauty even in death,
Everyone wondered why she made him push her to her death

You are just a kid
When you got tossed from one relative’s house to another
Each one worse than the other
Burnt rice and water for lunch
The scraps from the table is your breakfast
Lord help you if there are leftovers
You are going to bed hungry if there is none,

You were just a kid
But you knew how to run
So you ran into the street
And met other people
Who used to be kids
Just like you, the big girl amongst them
Held you close and promised to help you find your way
You were still a kid
When you were offered to men
Day in and out
In a makeshift brothel
Your boobs get kneaded for fifty naira
Which you use to buy 5 puff-puffs from Koffi
Or 10 at times
If you turn your back and hold the wall
While he has his way

But you were no longer a kid
That cold black night
When he wandered towards you
In dirty weather-beaten clothes
His shoes worse for wear
But his hair was sleek and shiny
He leered at you as he bargained with the big girl,
Who is now your madam
Money got tuck in your madam’s hand
And she signaled at you to follow him

You laid down, offering him your stiff body,
His trouser was down, ready to rip your soul with his stiff organ
A deep breath and a grunt
You slit his throat and watch him bleed to death
And you found peace at last
But that was only you dreaming
For he thrust too hard and brought you back to reality
You were just a kid
And too scared to do what an adult would do.
So you just lie there
And wait for him to finish.

:Abdulazeez kaothar


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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

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