If you add fah to every statement.

If you know what pamupamu jigi jigi is.

If you have at least one Alfa in your family.

If Luru (Miyan Kuka) is always available in your grandmother’s kitchen.

When people bend and greet each other for more than 20 minutes.

When there is a ceremony somewhere every Saturday.

When you know who Buhari omo Musa is.

If you have heard of Idi-Ape, Itakudimo, Kankatu, Alanamu at least twice in your parents conversation.

If you know there is always traffic jam at Okekura/Oja-Oba side.

If you know Oja-tuntun is not a new marketplace.

When you turn up to Labaeka’s Ilorin ni.

If most of your Mum’s Ankara clothes are aso-ebis.

When your dad’s brother or sister expect you to go down on your knees to greet them.

If your grandmother is an Iya Adinni in her Asalatu.

When you know what waka and senwele is.

If, at least one person in your family has a tribal mark.

When your parents exclaim lakuli Jalal! or o ni ankali fah! when you do something silly.

When weddings hold for more than a week, that is the Sisa, kengbe, Ijo Olomoba for the royal family, Yigi, Are Osan, Aisun, Gbejo, Idupe Iyawo, Iji Lole and so on.

Ilorin people are extra as they come, exaggeration both in actions and words. Sharp tongue and wits. Never carrying last when it comes to being diplomatic due to their sweetcoated tongue. Citadel of Quranic knowledge. I know I am Ilorin cus I am proud of all these *opensmouthtorevealbrownteeth*

You can add yours too!