If you are a honourable member of the blogosphere, some of what I’m about to discuss here won’t be strange to you. We have always found ourselves at the receiving ends of various sterotypical views on blogging, some we smile about and take no offense to, others are so rude that it takes lot of strength to hold yourself from reacting in a way you will later hate yourself for.

Permit me to take you through the various misconceptions, some of which I have encountered.

  • BLOGGERS ARE RICH!: This is the most common miconception people have about us… all thanks to Linda Ikeji. You can’t tell your friends or people who know you blog that you are broke. They will always reply you with ‘shebi you blog?’ ‘Haha are you not a blogger?’ ‘You wey dey collect adsense money.’ It’s frustating really, because people will never listen to your dire plea for money.

  • YOU ARE AN ENTERTAINMENT/NEWS BLOGGER: It’s awkward when you try explaining what lifestyle blogging means to people who only visit blogs for news. They have blank/bemused looks on their faces before blurting ‘but news blogs attract more views and visitors, that one you are doing is boring now.’ Seriously?

  • YOU ARE A LINDA IKEJI WANNABE: I have had various Linda Ikeji wannabe scenarios that I can’t start listing them one by one. But it usually goes this way;
    ME: Hey, please do visit my blog @ www.kanzahsays.com
    PEOPLE: Oh, you blog?
    ME: (blushing) Yeaaah
    PEOPLE: (chews what’s in their mouth or sips drink) like Linda Ikeji abi?
    ME: (pained, swallows saliva) not like her, what I do is different. My blog is basically…
    PEOPLE: (cuts me off) It’s all the same, blog is blog.

Eventually I would have no choice than to throw my hands up in exasperation and talk about something else.

  • PEOPLE EXPECT YOU TO BE CURRENT: As a blogger you can have people messaging me and asking you why Jacob Zuma resigned. They expect you to know every detail about every incident since you are a blogger. In as much as it is good to stay current and know a thing or two about everything. Bloggers are not a fountain of everything going on in the world, we don’t know everything happening everywhere!

  • PEOPLE ARE CAREFUL OF WHAT THEY SAY AROUND YOU: This happened to me a lot in 300 level. My course mates always tell me my presence makes them uncomfortable, they said I might go off to post things they discuss on my blog! It got so annoying that it further alienated me from them. They believe every blogger have this gossip tendency, another thanks to Linda and other gossip bloggers. I can’t be inquisitive and ask questions about hot trending gists in school without them going ‘ahem ahem hope this won’t end up on your blog o’ ‘please don’t quote me o.’

  • PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE DESPERATE FOR TRAFFIC: I can’t ask my whatsapp contacts to engage me on articles posted on my blog in the comments section without some of them passing snide remarks about my hunger for traffic. Yeah, traffic is good but that isn’t what a blog is all about. Some traffic can be unhealthy and you won’t want them anywhere near your site, some people can post any thing sensational for the numbers but that doesn’t apply to every blogger.

The moment you introduce yourself as a blogger, people tend to look at you in a different way. You suddenly become a gossip, a smarty pants, a rich human who makes millions just by stringing words together; or an unserious fellow with a laptop, enough data and the propensity to carry fake news. – Abdulazeez Kaothar

  • YOU ARE NOT EXPECTED TO REQUEST PAYMENT FOR SERVICES: People think publicity is what takes care of the needs of every blogger. You are not expected to request for a fee when promoting products and services on your blog. When you request for money they beat it down and offer you money for data subscription instead. Others will confidently tell you that they have no money to offer you but your blog logo and address will be on their backdrop and you will also be media partner and that will give you more exposure. No egbon! We is not wanting that!

Nope! I got no time

  • YOU ARE CARRIED LIKE A SACK OF BEANS: There is this light that shine in people’s eyes when I tell them I blog or one of my acquaintances outs me and gives them my web address. They become more chatty and I can see the respect they have for me elevating. Even though it feels good to be appreciated and thought of as someone who is something. You know warra mean? We are just like every other human being… wait scratch that. Maybe hunching over a laptop or squinting your eyes while typing furiously on your phone or editing countless times takes superhuman strength. Maybe writing a thousand plus words on a passionate article garnered few views and no comments is discouraging but you take it with a spooh of sugar and move on. That takes superhuman strength too but it doesn’t apply to all of us. Some bloggers lift news, steal posts without reference, snatch ideas and copy other bloggers style. Not everyone who blogs is honourable!

  • BLOGGERS ARE PROUD!: There are people who have stopped contacting me because they think I now have a million pad on my shoulder. Some people are taken aback when I jump on their neck and start doing what I do best – fooling around. Really? I’m just doing what millions of people around the world do too. It doesn’t get to my head.

  • BLOGGERS ARE UNSERIOUS PEOPLE WHO HAVE LOADS OF FREE TIME: Chile, come here, sit down and let me school you. You can turn blogging into a profession, heck we have professional bloggers who are racking in 6 figures from their blog alone! We have brand influencers, people using it to run their businesses and a whole lot. Bloggers are not bunch of people who are overfed, have excess money and time to laze away typing and posting things on their site. Brain power is involved most of the time.

So dear blog reader, I hope I have been able to change your thoughts on bloggers to an extent. Or not?

Dear fellow blogger, how many of these can you relate to? What other misconceptions do people have about what you do that you would love to change? I wait for your comments. I always reply!!!


  1. Avatarhabeeb

    lol….you are right about that bloggers are rich misconception…..only if they know what it takes to earn the 100 dollars minimum payout.mostly,it takes months with as low as 3.65 naira(0.01dollar) per click..and of course these people will never click anything on ur blog,stingy adsense,crazy visitors.Rich ko,rich ni

  2. Avatarhabeeb

    I guess am also one of the not honourable type of blogger……but it takes power to steal news from else and present it in a new dimension that makes it seem like your own


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