2016? OH WELL…

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2016? Big sigh.
I didn’t want a make a post retrospective of 2016 but then I thought why not?

Truth is, I thought I didn’t have enough things to say about my 2016, it went in a haze it was so fast! Everything seemed like yesterday. I came back to reality on the 23rd of December 2016 when I realized it is a year already. Yes, a year of amazing friendship with a friend so dear, one with a heart of gold. It is beautiful when you finally meet someone who wouldn’t mind jumping in front of a train for you, happy friendiversary in arrears to us even though we spent half of that day fighting each other ehehehe.

Well well well, lemme start with the end of 2015, towards the end of 2015 I developed interest in quotes and writing inspirational words on pictures, it was really funny then even though I always felt like a pro after finishing it. It felt good then and I and imagined myself becoming one huge inspiration to millions of people out there, I saw my quotes gracing people’s profile pictures and getting shared everywhere, but that only happened in my dreams, my quotes didn’t become popular, nobody really got the message I was putting across, people just tap like on Instagram and move on.

Then I graduated to memes but the reception was still the same, it was discouraging tagging people and getting ignored at the end of the day, memes I find funny barely got 10 likes and I wonder what it was I was doing wrong. Little did I know that success takes perseverance. I still wouldn’t give up, after all I had other things in mind apart from making memes and pictures, the truth is I wanted an avenue where I could write everything I want to write about and get away with the grammatical errors u would make in the process.

I got tired of Instagram and it shenanigans and decided to try my hands on putting up articles on Facebook while still playing with memes and quotes on one hand. It wasn’t easy the first time, I didn’t know how to start or what to write about so I decided to wait around till an idea struck, well it did and other ideas kept coming. I realized I get affected by things happening in my surrounding and wished there was a way I can talk about it and let people reason and think deeply.

One thing led to the other, before I could blink and say jack. I became a proud owner of a blog. Don’t even ask me about how I felt.

It wasn’t easy posting, I was encouraged to try to post everyday, there are times I got confused and I didn’t know what to do,when I know what to do I wouldn’t know how to do it. Other times I open other blogs and find ideas that have been swirling in my head there, I become depressed and wonder why God will vex and carry the inspiration he had given me to someone else, I eventually stopped blaming God. Well I guess God wants me to stop being lazy and quickly act on inspirations as they come.

So, anger and quick judgements are two things I realized I have been able to curb to an extent.

I met new people and left those who are toxic to me and everything that had to do with me. Life is too short to be wasted on those who only surrounds you with bad energy.

I had my own share of setbacks and disappointments in 2016 but I am lucky to have people who would pull me out before I drown myself in sadness RUKKAYAH sweetie, AHMED dearest. #winks

What else what else?

I have no resolutions for 2017, it will take care if itself!

Happy new year in advance. #xoxo
Oh, and I love you, yes you and you!

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