Enough with the quotes and resolutions. If 2018 won’t be your year it won’t be.

Seeing quotes about stuff to leave behind in 2018, what not to bring to 2018, what should stop in 2017 and loads upon loads of statuses on WHATSAPP are headache inducing. I have screwed up my noses at them so many times that I got tired. Now I have that sad emoji on my face waiting for it to end already.

Everyone is talking about New Year resolutions when they will all go back to the same old habit the next day.

The sad truth of the matter is that, nothing new really happens in the New Year if you don’t make them happen. New Year doesn’t come with an automatic habit changer, miracles or some divine sweet ride. In fact it is just like every other normal day but a kind of sacredness have been accorded to it to make it mean much more than what it is. Some people ascribe so much importance to the new year that they automatically believe whatever happens to them on a New year will continue to happen to them throughout that year. This means if they lost their phone on New Year’s day they assume it is a bad omen and it may follow them throughout the year. This is not only sad but silly. Yes. I said it.

The Past determines types of Choices available for performing actions in Future.

I have witnessed closed ones burst into recitations of different portions of the holy books if something out of the blues happen to them on New year’s day.

Ha. I lost my earring on New years day and it is the left ear imagine. God forbid every bad thing. In the name ….

I fell while fetching water in New years day. My enemies will never succeed. Blah blah blah

Darling, cut those ideas you have about New year. Stop the unrealistic new year plans. Remove the title NEW YEAR PLANS and put MY PLANS instead. Don’t go thinking everything will fall in place because it’s new year. See it as every other normal day because really it is a normal day.

So what’s the deal now? Work on yourself now. It’s not too late to do that and don’t postpone working on you till New year officially starts. New year is Monday, Monday is just a day for you to relax and enjoy the holiday. There’s no work on Monday. That’s that about Monday finis.

New year, New system. New system in what? Doing things? Whatever made you think you won’t stray back to the old system? What if the old system is the best? Is it a must for you to do something new because a day is seen as a new year? It is just number my dear.

New year new resolution. What stopped you from making a resolution in March or October? Why drag it till when another year is about to start? What is special about another year my dear?

So what’s the deal again? Don’t put all your hopes in 2018 so that you won’t feel awful when things do not go as planned. Enjoy it and make full use of it just like every day that comes and goes. Take charge of your life and stop putting your life on hold till the beginning of another new year. Just cut that attitude.


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