I want to first start by saying no thanks to the pandemic for showing out and ruining what would have been an erstwhile amazing plan. I, like my acquaintances had plans laid out for 2020. Everybody and their moms expected 2020 to come with so much positivity. If only we knew. 

Anyways, good riddance to bad rubbish. Done and dusted. 2021 is the year we all expected things to return back to normal or have a semblance of normalcy although we haven’t seen that happening yet, we have no choice than to be hopeful because honestly, we can only wish but what would happen will still happen.

I had neutral thoughts towards 2021. It was as if I couldn’t be bothered. I was still reeling from the trauma of 2020 not knowing the juicy things 2021 had in stock for me. So, yesterday, out of the blues, one of the opportunities I applied for and completely forgot about came bearing good news in form of a mail. 

‘Hello Kaothar, we would like to know if you’d be interested in…’

Yes yes!!! Whatever it says it is, freaking yes!!! Yes to the yep to the yeah in the whole wide country! All the Yeses in YESLAND!!!! I feverishly read through the mail and responded appropriately. There was a follow up mail sealing my fate and I just want you all to know 2021 just officially started for me. Happy New Year.

As Americans were celebrating their new president on Wednesday with emotions welling up to the point of tears. I was also celebrating my breakthrough and ugly crying behind my phone screen. ‘Me? Finally?’

Memories of how I salivated at the cute but modest apartment of an acquaintance came rushing back. How prim and proper she looked when I saw her. Self assured and super confident. How seemingly in control of her life she was and I remembered vividly how in that moment, I wasn’t envious one bit but super proud of what she made of herself. How she took charge of her life only showed me that what I aspire to be is not too much and I am not asking for the impossible. I couldn’t help but say a prayer that whatever evil eyes I may unknowingly possess not hurt her.
Disclaimer: I am not a witch please.

I went from my regular routine of wondering what new stuff I can learn every day to while away the time to making plans on how to reorganize my life in order to readjust to my new life. Also, I’d like to share that I am extra lucky with this opportunity because any form of inconvenience has been sorted for me. Accommodation, transport, work flexibility. Everything you can think of.

Kanzah: 100
Village people: 0

To think I thought I flunked the interview because when I was asked if I can work under pressure. My response was ‘I am Nigerian, I have been used to pressure ever since I was born’ I expected the HR to burst into laughter since I was advised to make them laugh instead it was a painful grimace I got as a response. When I was leaving and she sympathetically asked ‘are you okay?’ after I nearly ran into a slide door. I was half hopeful until I asked one of my friends and I was told I should just remove my mind from it. Lesson learned still, never make silly jokes at an interview. 

I also want to share with you something I learned in the course of this journey. Which is, to have a positive mindset in whatever it is you do or you are doing. It goes a long way. Positivity does a lot to our aura which in turn affects what we give out or receive. Even though I was told I’ve flunked it. I applied to other places while still maintaining the ‘I just haven’t found a place worthy of me yet’ mindset. 

2021 is the year I set my goals in motion and I know greater things are coming my way. I chose to rewrite my 2021 like this. You should too and if you are wondering if I am being honest with my story… well, let’s say I just woke up from a nap and decided to share my sleep induced thoughts with you all.

If you have some grouse to settle with how this tale ended, you can ask for my address in the comments box. I am in my house come and beat me.

Happy new year once again.


  1. AvatarAbba

    Kaothar. Are we Okay? I was already hollering congratulations here. My face was green with envy too saying Kaothar, show me the way!!!


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