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There are times I wish I have enough money to be Ajala Olabisi, I am talking about the legendary traveler people compare President Buhari with, but I would not be riding a scooter everywhere like he did, I either travel in my own private jet or use the floo network, if you don’t know what the floo network is, ask Harry Potter. Tenkyiu
Here are places I would love to visit before I die.
1- Goa in India: Goa is a state in western India and as the aspiring Ajala that I is, Goa is the top on my list mainly because I love Indian movie(the ones that showcase their culture, where the women would be wearing colourful saris, where their gods and goddesses are involved, their festival, marriage rites ehehe) music and some of their cultural practices.

2- The great Wall of China (Chángchéng) : The wall is not just a wall but a relic that tells the story of blood, sweat, death and perseverance, the walls show China’s beautiful architecture and creativity. Mao said of the great walls of China “Until you reach the Great Wall, you are no hero” besides it is one of the new seven wonders of the world.

3- Ocho Rios in Jamaica: If you love lush mountains, rain forests and reef lined beaches, then you should visit Jamaica. I would love to visit Jamaica because I love the way Jamaicans speak, stupid but true.

Ocho rios

Ocho rios

4- Russia: Because it is the world largest nation and because Armstrong adores the country, when I think Russia I think warfare, so I want to prove myself wrong.

5- Florence Cathedral in Italy: A visit to the cathedral would be like traveling back in time, it was completed in 1436, I love old buildings, old movies, old clothes, everything old, it takes you back into the past and you might even have a de java, how weird is that? Aside the cathedral I would love to storm Italian restaurants and eat myself to stupor lol.

I hope you had nice time ‘traveling’ with me? What places would you love to visit and why would you want to?


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