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“All by myself, don’t wanna be all by myself ” a quick check on Google revealed it was Eric Carmen who gave those words life, meaning he sang a song with these lyrics in them. A pity, if only he knew how sweet it is to be all by yourself. I am just kidding, he is referring to another type of loneliness while I am referring to another type as well which is the get exhilarated kinda loneliness, you know when it feels awesome to be all alone by yourself.

Just like Kelvin McCallister in Home Alone, imagine you having the whole house to yourself, or a whole room to yourself with no disturbance? I have a whole room to myself and I have been living the la vida loca since yesterday.

Somehow somehow I have managed to drag myself back to the hostel even though school hasn’t resumed, my roommates are not around and their beds have turned into my wardrobe, dinning and bank. My clothes, money and plates of food, bags, books name it.

So here are the things I do when I am all alone by myself and I have been at that since yesterday and I have no plans of stopping before my roommates return.

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Sleep: I love to sleep, the fact that I read it somewhere that too much sleep weakens the brain doesn’t bug me yimu to them all. There is nothing as satisfying as sleeping when and where you want without annoying noises like clanging spoons and pots, loud music or movie, hysterical laughter, loud knocks from one nosy neighbour who isn’t there to visit you, your mum calling you to come and help her turn on the TV that is right beside her. So when I am alone, I sleep, sleep, sleep.

Get high on Food: The first letter of Food is spelt with a capital letter because Food is Bae, it gives my meaning. Eating on its own is form of self-respect according to a quote I saw somewhere, I snack on anything and everything, with food you can never yearn for someone else’s company. I mean come on it is food, when I get bored with the routine salt and pepper taste, I move on to junks, this is when my provision suffer, I nibble at biscuits, toss candies into cereals, all sort of ridiculous combinations that my stomach eventually suffer for but then who cares then when it feels good?

Watch Movies: It is always fun to watch movies alone without unnecessary interruptions, I hate it when people make comment when I am watching a movie, who cares if you think Ned Stark might die in the next scene? Who cares?. I’d rather watch a movie alone than have someone pause a movie from time to time because they want to make a comment.

Relieve myself of the burden called Clothes: Freedom is when you no longer have the straps of a bra digging into your arms, when you no longer feel the elastic band of the skirt you are wearing, when you are the way are after you came out of your mummy’s stomach. I live these moments to the fullest, this is when I realize I have crazy moves, I twerk and twerk because my stiff waist loosen itself miraculously when I am free of all fabric inhibitions.

I listen to music: When I do this I drift and imagine myself as different things and different people all at once, music takes me on a journey to different climes and periods, I am a seňorita when Carlos Santana is playing and Mama Africa when Angelique Kidjo comes on.

Om… Om

I meditate: Om… Om… This is when I think too much and ask God questions, this is when I wonder how creation really began, this is when I wonder who and what was existing before God? This is when I wonder what would happen if rapture comes, this is when I wonder whether I will go to heaven or hell, this is when I remember the things I have stolen, the lies I have told and how I have shouted at my Mother even though God told us not to, this is when I ask for forgiveness for all the bad bad movies I have seen, this is when I get emotional and I just let it all out.

I write: I breathe in and breathe out words when I am by myself, beautiful letters dance and take ethereal forms in my head, I write better, I think better even my poetry looks awesome because I am totally in another world when I am alone.

Life feels good when you enjoy your own company you just want to keep living in your own head, occupying your own personal space without intrusion but it gets boring after a while and destructive thoughts and ideas start flowing in. This is why everything need to be minimal.

So tell me, what do you do when you are alone?

3 thoughts on “7 THINGS I DO WHEN I AM ALL ALONE.

  1. AvatarTunesky

    I love being alone a lot coz that’s when I see the real me. Creativity always come in that moment. But sometime horrible thought would come one’s mind.

  2. AvatarT.piano

    Lone moments are the best moments… Always have the chance of reviewing my life… Where it’s going wrong and where it’s going well.


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