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I don’t know how to start this because I have purged myself of the bitterness and anger I had earlier felt towards ‘whom it may concern’ I am not a chicken but I won’t mention names so that someone somewhere would not feel they are special or something, this is not a call out this is something I am currently typing on the settee in the living room as the generator makes it gbirriiiiiiiiiim noise, I am trying so hard to block out that distraction and concentrate on this. And oh this is something that refers to all leeches out there.
So, there was one time at school when I noticed I was being used, yes like I actually sat myself down that day and I realized I am being used like a toilet paper, uhm, I thought I was special to everybody, I not sorry if you think I am being silly but I have a beautiful fantasy world I live in where I am the Queen, now you know why I feel special, I guess that is affecting my reality. So back to what I was saying, that day I had escorted my friend out to get something I can’t remember, I thought she was my friend, we were giggling and having fun and all until she saw this… Let’s call whoever she saw Muna, she saw Muna and she screamed her name in excitement, this same Muna is supposed to be in her department so I don’t understand the excitement, the Muna was obviously not that excited IDK but they hugged and threw fake kisses so typical of girls.
They start giggling happily about School, test, biscuit, pant, Crack and literally every other senseless thing you can think while I was there standing and waiting in my pajamas in the cold! I cleared my throat countless times to draw attention so she would at least introduce me to her friend so that I would stop feeling useless but she didn’t, she continued chattering with the friend until I had to excuse myself and march back to my hostel. So much for hanging out with your friend, I was bitter for the rest of that night but as they say, all things go.
That was gone until we had to go to the mall one day, we were done watching a movie and coming out when she saw one Tayo she follows on snap chat, without looking back she went to meet the Tayo, I don’t know what they said and I am not interested but I spent the rest of the day carrying shopping nylon behind her while she ‘showed’ Tayo around.
Am I the only one with friends like this? Does someone else feel the frustration I had felt that day? She made me feel like I am of no use to her until oh well when I am flashing iPhone7, snap chatting at a very exotic location, when I walk in decked in expensive clothes and accessories, when she sees me hanging out with guys that have cool rides (some people have fish brain sha) when she sees me looking every inch like the girls she sucks up to, My dear friend come rushing back and God help me if I post a dope picture on the Gram, babe is sliding into my DM like


I now know better than picking her calls, the only thing I hear after the hello is where are you hanging out this weekend, babe doesn’t talk about future plans with me and oh what if I start a conversation related to that, babe totally knocks off my idea. Yeah Yeah Yeah we should tried to hold our lips together with padlock or buy tetracycline for our running mouth.
I don’t get why the fuss is so much about vain things, but I can sniff her presence in my life already when I start counting hundreds of thousands ehehehe. She would catwalk back and help me blow the money comfortably, right now she is canoodling with one Missdivaposh something on Instagram, the girl just posted a new photo of her Mercedes benz


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