It is October. It is Unilorin convocation month!!!

I saw the convocation pictures, I saw the Instagram stunting #dabs, I saw joy written on everyone’s faces, they all seemed to be saying ‘yes, finally’. I saw the celebration and the celebrants, I saw the wrinkled convocation gowns (some people cannot even iron it) I saw a lot of expressions, I saw overzealous mums that brought the whole village with them, I saw those that celebrated with few friends and family, I saw the loner who took few pictures in his convocation gown and the next cab to Tanke, I saw orphans who had no one to smile with them in their convocation pictures, and I saw the Queen bees and the wannabes who had a good time rocking school and repping BBF inside and outside, we won’t miss you.

I didn’t see fear, everyone was happy and smiling, four years, five years is no small feat. In fact I am congratulating you on your freedom from night classes where mosquitoes choose your ears as the studio where they record Grammy award winning songs, queue at the park where the cadets do nothing aside harassing you or threatening to beat you up, the walkway and the thousands stares, CBT center and it drama, hostel registration, lecturers with super human strength who would fix Saturdays as impromptu lecture days, the school security and their faded navy blue uniform… I could go on and on.

But, I am really sorry to burst your bubble, did you ponder yesterday? Did you think Unilorin has helped you mold yourself into a person that would achieve all you set out to be? Did you acquire enough skills at Unilorin? Have you ever thought outside the expanse of lands surrounding Unilorin? Have you thought of life outside Tanke? Were you thinking of the Labour market as you sip coffee on your bed while you struggle to stay awake for a difficult exam?
Some have life plans, plans which mostly are, go for the NYSC programme, do masters, look for job and get married, perfect life. The lucky buoyant ones only need to serve, they need not hurry to do their masters a lucrative job is waiting for them, for some a finish line is the beginning of a new race, they are thinking of how they would make the cut off mark for the course they truly wanted and return to the university to study for another four or five years, they are mostly people who thirst for a certificate in Medicine or Law most times.

The clueless ones don’t have plans, they are in the University because that feels like the next thing to do, they would go for masters if everyone is, otherwise they are content with getting any job that comes their way with their BSc, they are the ones that mostly join the overcrowded frustrated Labour market because we have the less populated contented favour market!. Some never thought of having a vocational training aside school, they blame the stressful lectures and wicked lecturers and their tight schedule, dear if you had learnt something you would still graduate, it is high time we stop thinking everyone would end up with a job in an air conditioned office and a starting salary of 200,000 naira.

Hope you have not forgotten convocation equals to the end of the pocket money you get for school runs? You can’t lie about typing project anymore neither can you increase your school fees or hostel fees, you can’t even publish an imaginary book and demand for money, all that is gone with the gown.

It is not too late for you to start working on your God-given talent, don’t even wait on that certificate, many of you never liked the courses you studied at school anyways, work on something better, think of entrepreneurship and not employment, Nigeria is getting tougher for Nigerian graduates, you don’t want to be roaming the streets years from now looking for a job, any job. I bet some of those that graduated while you were in hundred level are still looking for jobs.

You can be the next Dangote, stop saying tomorrow would take care of itself, stop procrastinating. Nigeria is in recession and the funny thing is some parents might abandon you now, afterall you are done with school, welcome to the hard life you have to contribute to the upkeep of the family. Life in Unilorin is over. Welcome to the real life.

Congratulations once again!


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  1. Avatarmohamard harbyb

    makes me think deeply even though my convoc is far off “it is high time we stop thinking everyone would end up with a job in an air conditioned office and a starting salary of 200,000 naira.” words for the wise


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