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So yesterday wasn’t so bad, school resumed I guess. I wasn’t keen on going to school yesterday but I hate getting told what happened in every first class when school resumes, people sugarcoat trash, you would get told the lecturer said everyone should do pressups for five months when he actually said y’all can go sleep for the rest of the year.
Tsk, school hasn’t changed a bit save the parking lot, we now have to go all the way to the STUDENT UNION BUILDING, now we have the old Park and the new Park. Stupidity.
I wonder why the park wasn’t renovated before school resumes, lack of funds maybe?
I got to class late partly because I woke up late and the fact that I ama frosh finalist and I ‘ken’t’ stress myself mehn.

Dunmade is the only cool headed lecturer I know that treats University students the way they ought to be treated, he teaches everything but leaves out something that you need to go figure out on your own, if you were able to figure it out, good for you, if you were not able to, good for you, you’d always find a way to pass his course if you listened in class. School just resumed and Dunmade has given us list of books to read already. Smh
Enough about Dunmade.

My course mates were still the same too, same style, same skin tone OK maybe some got fairer while some got darker, blame it on recession. Everyone still wants to talk at the same time and yeah we are planning a get together yaaaaaaaay! It’s all about the food yo.
What happened again? I went to a party and I stuffed myself till I couldn’t take no more.
That reminds me! Have you ever bumped into someone you thought things could work with but you discover they are nothing more than a piece of toilet paper? Have you? Good you’d understand me. So I was strolling back to my friend’s house last night (my silly roommate isn’t back yet and I can’t stay in the hostel alone) I got a surprise call and we went all the way to memory lane, sob stories, the “you were the best friend I ever had and wanted more” blah blah blah blah blah more blah, people don’t understand when they do something the first time and they failed they need to change tactics, smh for dumb people.
Who knows how cool Samsung products are? Save for the price, I have been having issues with my Tecno boom J5, abi somebody has a phone they are not using? I want fah.
So that’s that about my Monday which was yesterday, I had a rough night my body was aching all over and I kept waking up intermittently.
Good morning to Tuesday, where are you? What are you doing? How was Monday? Please leave a comment 😕
# xoxo


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