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🎵Dum dum dum dururururum dum dum dum dum dururururum, been long you saw me, them say everybody looking for me…parararamramram 🎵#chewsmouthandmumblestherest.

Hiya everyone, who missed me? I said who missed me? That was how I left to go fight the war of Examination on my own and nobody bothered to check up on me, not fair mehn. Not even “hey, Hello, hi” everyone just left me on my own like that to face examination with just a pen, a pen!.

Anyways I have forgiven you all for not asking after me, it is fine. It is fine #grabstissue I am still feeling emotional though.

People of how far now? Don’t you all think I should have a name to address you guys? Like KANZAHNIANS, KANZAHREADERS, KANZAHPEEPS, KANZAHKLIQUE? whichever one you all want is okay by me but majority carries or carry or carried the vote. I don’t know mehn my brain is still unsettled from the exams I wrote last week, you kuku did not ask how far. #sideeyes.

Which Aproko did I miss while I was gone? Ehn ehn? Anybody? Anyone? Nobody? No one? Okay o. I have something to say tho, you know I always have something to say, it is just something I have noticed, it is really peculiar. I mean it can’t just be possible or is it that I am the one with the funny thoughts?

The thing is… Hope you guys won’t think I am being too serious about such an issue because I need to let this off my chest, they say a problem shared is half solved. So what do we call an observation shared because this an observation o. Ehn ehn as I was saying, is it just me that have noticed or is the rate of girls carrying belle upandan on the increase? Abeg no vex o. Nah just curious observation. I have missed you all and yes, keep your fingers crossed.


9 thoughts on “BEEN LONG YOU SAW ME!

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