Twitter will never cease to amaze us. Brethren it has happened again!

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(Clears throat, grabs mic) This week on Twitter. A Nigerian lady, Bimbo Cole have accused a Nigerian man, Uche of rape. According to the lady who made the complaint to one Damilola Marcus, he had forced her to have sex with him after she visited him in Ajah. This came after Damilola Marcus accused Uche of also trying to rape her friend. (Drops mic)

First of first.

There are different versions to the said rape allegation. The first was that she visited him and he began to disturb her for sex, so she allowed him because she had gotten raped before and didn’t want a repeat. This simply means she wasn’t really ready for sex but had to consent under ‘duress’ due to the pressure the guy mounted on her. Okay.

The second is, he actually never forced her to have sex with him but completely ignored her when she got to his house. Twitter minions said Bimbo got pained because Uche didn’t check her out and instead fiddled with his laptop. The reason for this according to Uche was because what he expected wasn’t what he saw. He probably haven’t heard the saying ‘relationship is a market where people trade in the dark.’ Which simply means expect anything. His own came in the physical because Bimbo wasn’t what Uche thought she was. Don’t get me wrong, Uche was attracted to Bimbo with snapchat filter but he saw Bimbo without snapchat filter instead. Mac on Vs Mac off.

Filter Vs No filter

The brouhaha led to different exchanges on Twitter but what really caught people’s eye was the fact the accuser went all the way from Berger to Ajah to meet with the accused. Due to the fact that I have never been to Lagos before I asked a friend to explain using Ilorin and he told me it is like traveling all the way from Tanke in Ilorin to Ogbomosho in Oyo state! Not forgetting to tell me to also imagine the mad Lagos traffic. I was such wawwued!!! So if going by the account of my friend with the distance, maybe that was why she falsely accused the guy as people have been saying. Maybe she accused him because she was hurt with the fact that he chose a laptop over her. Just maybe.

Ladies are known to be the most complex human beings. The said Bimbo who was pissed Uche didn’t have her time might have put on a nonchalant I-am-not-in-the-mood-for-anything-touchy facade and the guy apparently saw that and was like -okay-then-I-will-keep-myself-busy-with-my-laptop-too. She could be one of those girls who would rather swallow rotten menstrual pads than swallow their pride.

Now let’s talk serious. Women like Bimbo are the reason why rape victims will keep getting doubted or ignored. She is guilty on so many levels.Firstly, the fact that she travelled that far without the intention of having sex with Uche, conveniently chose not to tell him she is not coming for sex and then came on the internet to cry wolf two years after! Secondly, she didn’t report him or accuse him of forcing her then. This is because she ‘allowed’ him! What kind of amazingly stupid talk is that one? Thirdly, she had to come back on twitter to say she didn’t accuse him of rape, is she kidding me right now? In case she don’t know, what transpired between them according to her narration is rape because the fact that she allowed him doesn’t mean she gave him consent. She did because she didn’t want things to get violent. It’s like a rape victim begging the rapist to wear a condom before having his way with her, that is also rape because the victim can’t
afford to smart from the pain of rape and also endure the health effects of unsafe unwilling sexual intercourse!

The fourth and dumbest is the fact that, as a victim of rape how dare you willingly put yourself in the company of a man who could also rape you. Shouldn’t she take more precaution due to the last experience? Or she was too naive? Or she is too dumb? Or she was just too horny to care? Because if that was the case then there is no case again.

No sense at all

Women like Bimbo and Damilola Marcus who didn’t take her time to verify the story she got told are the part of the reasons why justice keeps eluding the victims of rape.

It is women like Bimbo who will refuse to testify in a law court after making rape accusations. It is women like her that would make their lawyers shake head in anger when they eventually bit back their story.

It is women like them who make people laugh a deep throated laughter, clap their hands, hiss and walk away when victims of rape speak up.

It is women like them who have gotten innocent men beaten to stupor, burnt, humiliated, mutilated and killed over deluded accusations.

Women like her are confused!

It is women like them who have started a smear campaign called RAPE to discredit upright men and falsely accuse them on a whim. Rape is now the word ladies throw around when guys offend them. Ladies scream rape when they don’t want a guy to talk to them, rape when he ignores them, rape when he tells them off, rape if he doesn’t send money, rape because he wouldn’t buy Brazilian hair for them. Rape rape rape for the littlest of offense which is not remotely sexual! And we wonder when they will take rape victims serious?

Bimbo Cole should go and have several seats with her accusation . That ain’t no rape allegation but a narrative fit for A Hoe Story to post on Twitter.

May justice prevail for the real rape victims.


  1. AvatarTunesky

    That’s how confused bimbo ladies are….. They just like ranting over unnecessary things just to get fame and be pitied. Awon werey gbogbo


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