That was how I carried my Aproko self out one day o, NEPA has been doing my street wayyo, they held on to electricity like a miser holds on to coins, they messed up my hood so much that the noise of ‘I pass my neighbours’ generator became a ring tone at my side, some people over do it to the point of living it on 24hours non stop, Gbiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiin of the big generator would wake you up from a sweaty mosquito filled sleep that is if you can sleep self, the Kekekekekkekekekeke of the small generator trying to shine would come on at exactly 10pm when nature is about to take it course after you finish downloading a beautiful meal of beans and dodo.
Ehn ehn, what was I saying sef? So I carried myself to my friend’s house, this my friend ehn, it is not like they are rich rich rich like that, but they are sha rich one kain rich rich, you feel me? 5 riches, lol. This girl ehn, she can actually boast of having what most ladies nowadays would give an arm and spread two legs for, so it is no surprise I give her the Beyonce hand when we are going out, her fashion game is lit. Tiri gbosa again.

Oshe baller
Oshe baller

I sha got to her house, I saw her Mummy in her signature boubou watching Zee world, smh she just gave me a distracted smile and greeted me the Jenifa way ‘Howis youn’
My friend was in her room and her wardrobe was turned upside down, I saw one of her cousin’s friend sitting on her bed fiddling with her phone, me and that girl don’t talk eh, she forms one yeye I am better than you attitude. She gave me an up and down look and continued with what she was doing, I began to gist with my friend and sooenough we were cackling wildly.
The next thing, this big aunty stood up ( she’s older than my friend) and told my friend she would be living, that was how she ‘scopingly’ carried one big shopping nylon that was beside the door, she asked my friend to send her the pictures she took with her iPhone via whatsapp and left. As the Aproko that I IS nau, I was about to ask what she came to do when she came back inside and called my friend aside, in my presence my friend went into the already scattered closet to fish out for one very fine clutch purse I have been seeing on those kain kain celebrities, as if it wasn’t enough she opened her accessories box and brought out a choker, two different earrings, her set of knuckle rings and her bracelet. In my mind I was wondering when my friend started a charity organization abi she wants to auction them ni? Abi what sef?
The girl left after she collected those items, I personally made sure she had left before I began to probe my friend, what I heard turned me into this!

I  was 'shockage'
I was shook

Our aunty came to borrow my friend’s stuff ni o, then she would use it to enter club and parties, snap pishures on Instagram and feel fly, I saw loads of mirror selfies she took with my friend’s iPhone with different outfits belonging to my friend, as if that wasn’t enough, my friend says she tells her she lost some items at times while dancing and she would have to let it go because it is mostly rings, earrings and all those ‘unimportant stuff sha’
Sister, must you live a fake life, is it a must to shine by force? Shall you not wait for thy time to shine? If you want to form correct baddo fashionista go and thrift now, thrift means buying fairly used goods especially clothing items at a relatively cheaper price, go and buy OK, that is what most girls are doing and you might be lucky to jam a designer item one day, even fashion bloggers thrift and they admit they do, ask theblackwriter, gafashion and dimplekhadi. Slay in your own skin, must you struggle to form posh ni?
And I heard sharing personal stuff that you sweat on shouldn’t be shared, don’t you feel uncomfortable when you receive compliments for what ain’t yours? Receive sense soon and see beyond slaying.
Aproko madame signing out.


I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

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